Home is where my dogs are…

Your home really can be anywhere, really…if you wanted it to, as long as it is a place of peace. I believe that a place of peace and home are synonymous with each other. You can’t truly have one without the other…or it won’t be “home”. I hope that makes sense.

I think that this is truly one of the keys to happiness…finding peace within your home or creating a place of peace within it, no matter where that is. You do not have to live in a big fancy home, but you do need to live in a comfortable one. Well, at least you. need to make it that way. Whether it be a certain view that brings you peace and comfort. A certain chair. A particular view. An object. A sound. An animal. Have YOUR home bring you peace…even if it for just a few minutes each day. Find something that makes your mind stop and be centered and still.
My mornings are what keep me sane in my crazy world that I have created. I rise at 4:30am each day, make myself the most delicious Americano (My recipe: 3 Nespresso pods, hot water, teaspoon of stevia and then hot-frothed Bliss Coconut Creamer…OMG it is better than any store), reading my Jesus Calling Book…reading…praying…thinking…writing. Dogs are next to me. I am usually in my living room. It is dark. Lights are soft. Soft music in background. Dogs are both snuggled next to me. Pure heaven. 
Today I encourage you to create some peace in your life, even if is for just a few minutes each day. 

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