Encouragement to my 13 year old self

If I were to travel back in time to give myself some advice, I would choose me at the age of 13. I would tell her how much she is worth and to never sell herself short when it comes to choices and relationships that she enters or makes. I would tell her that she is a princess and a goddess that should only be treated with the utmost respect and love…and that she should continue to be fearless and bold.

She would know that she is safe and secure, no matter what has happened to her. It’s OK and there is nothing to be ashamed of. What other people have done to you is on them. You are a child. There are angels protecting her and she is meant to do great things.

She has a voice that should not be squelched and a light that is meant to shine. She is strong and beautiful and kind and generous. She is smart and full of spunk.

She is meant to change lives in ways that she could never even begin to imagine.

If only I could go back…

Me. Age 13.

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