God Talks to Me…Really.

God talks to me in my dreams. That is when it happens.

I will tell you about one of the times…
A few years back, I broke BOTH of my ankles. That is right…both. Same time. I became the proverbial “bed bitch”. I was pissed off. Royally.
A few days before this happened, I thought that I was on top of the world. I kicked butt at work and I was headed on a trip that I had won because of my production. Costa Rica…a hiker’s paradise. I took one of my girlfriends with me and we decided to hire a guide to hike to a remote rainforest in the northern part of Costa Rica called San Rincon. It was a 10 mile out and back hike that had this beautiful waterfall literally in the middle of nowhere.

 The above is the waterfall. Yeah, it was beautiful.

The rest of the story of the hike went like this: 6.7 magnitude earthquake, attacked by a whole nest of Costa Rican black wasps, bitten everywhere, ran for life…2 broken ankles. Had to walk 4 miles on them back to truck. Total suckville.

This was me being carried into the “clinic” at the park.
On the plane ride home the next day, I cried the whole entire time. It was a Sunday and I had already called an ortho who was going to see me the very next morning.
My mom picked me up and I came home…to an empty house, all except for a bed. Yeah, my spouse left while I was gone and took all of the furniture. He didn’t know that had happened to me there or else I would have like to think that he would not have done what he did…I would hope. Nevertheless, it just added to my pity party I was having for myself.
Monday morning, I was in a double cast up to my knees and I was in a wheelchair. My bitterness started to seep in. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Total pity party. I was pissed at the world.
My dad flew in to help me. In one day, I had gone from being able to do everything by myself, to being able to do basically NOTHING by myself. I was no longer independent. I had to really on others for all of my needs.
And I was such an ass to everyone.
I cried myself to sleep one night and that is where God came in.
In my dream He said to me, “You became to independent and apart from me. Now, I am letting you feel what it is like to be completely dependent upon your father (double meaning here, literally) for everything in your life. Dependence on your Father will bring you great joy and contentment and it will change your life. Now, take the time you have with your Father and let him take care of you. Enjoy the relationship that you are building. Love Him. He’s here for you.”
I woke up crying and I called my father in and I apologized for being so mean and for being such a jerk.
From that day on, EVERYTHING changed. What started off as one of the worst thing that has happened to me, became one of the most amazing things that has happened. I enjoyed the rest of my time in my casts. I enjoyed being dependent on my father and we built a very strong relationship.
My darkest moments brought me joy. My rain caused the most beautiful rays of sunshine to peak through the clouds. Light came back into my life. God spoke to me. I listened.
I have more stories like this and will tell them one day soon.
The point is that God will speak to you if you are open to listening. He will being good from the bad. Joy from sorrow. Healed relationships. New beginnings. Love in your heart. Compassion and understanding.
Just listen.

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