On UNplugging…

I just got back from my “happy place” aka Sedona, Arizona. It is a place that I love so very much and frequent as often as I am able. Maybe it is the vortex that draws me there, maybe it is the beautiful red mountains…or maybe it is the dry desert air that my body and hair love so very much. Whatever it is, I freakin’ love it there more than any other place I have gone. I plan on living there someday…just not yet.

In our industry, the phone calls, the texts, the emails…they NEVER stop. It is a monster that we have all created and still continue (most of us) to live in. I could literally work 24 hours a day…and there was a point in time when I kind of did. I don’t do that anymore. Thank God. People expect us to work days, nights, weekends…what the heck? I would not ever expect anyone to do this in any other industry…why are we different?
This meme give s a good hint at what it is like:
And let me tell you…I HAVE cried before. It is true. I will also bet you that most people in the real estate industry have cried. It’s ok.
Fast forward to where I am now…I don’t, under normal circumstances, answer my phone after 5 or on the weekends unless it is a “loan emergency”…which rarely happens because there are generally no such things as “loan emergencies”…I mean, you knew you were buying a home before Saturday morning at 7am, right? Just sayin’. That is not to say that I don’t work after 5pm. I generally work until about 6pm every night. I will answer text messages at night sometimes, if it is a person I work with a lot or if someone genuinely needs help. I will be there to help. I promise. It is just that a few years ago, I decided that I would not and could not let my phone/email/text dictate my life. I drew clear boundaries and I have stuck with them 98% of the time…which I think is pretty damn good. People thought that I was crazy and that I would lose business. You know what? I probably have lost some, but I am ok with that. My production has doubled though since then. We already know that I am crazy…so there you go! Boundaries. Who would have thought they worked in this industry. They do. My customers and clients who refer me business respect it. Time is the MOST VALUABLE commodity and one that we cannot get back. I have chosen to use mine wisely (to me, at least).
Back to Sedona…
I shut my phone off for 4 glorious days. I did not look at an email (my staff did this for me in my absence), text message or even answer the phone. My voicemail was changed to alert people that I was out and would be back Tuesday. All was covered and good. I could completely relax.
Holy shit that was nice. I hiked, drew a picture, attempted to watercolor another pic, journaled, drank wine watching sunsets, thought a lot. I got Reiki (a wholllleeee other blog topic on this coming soon). My mind and body feel good. I am back now with clear direction. 
Here is my picture I drew of Buda Beach — hiked 7 miles and a few trails to get here 🙂
First drawing in like 20 years. I am a little rusty, but my goal is to get back to where I once was many years ago.
I am very fervently trying to get back to my creative side. I am making it a priority. At least one day a week, I have been doing SOMETHING creative…whether that be gardening, painting, designing something…just has to be something that I do with my hands with no phone. I have been writing up a storm…thoughts that I have about aging, success, God, family. You name it. Unplugging.
I think that most people, no matter what they do for a living, forget how much we need to go back to being a “kid” every once in a while. We need to play. We need to draw and paint and run and have fun. (I am also a poet! LOL) I guaranty that it will bring back a smile on your face and satisfaction in your soul.
Be in nature. Turn your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb when you are playing so that you don’t get distracted by your all-too-busy life. Pause. Unplug.

You think it’s not possible to NOT work all of the time? Guess again. It is Ok to draw boundaries. You will be very surprised how easy it is and how it won’t effect you like you THINK it will. You don’t have to work 90 hours a week. You CAN have a life. You are worth it.

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