Shame is an A$$hole. Big time.

Shame. Shame is an a$$ho1e. Being vulnerable here, I will tell you that my skeleton (that will no longer be in my closet ha ha) is my relationship mistakes. I have everything “together” in my life, except for my “love life”. As I’ve gotten older, I realized that we ALL have our share of things we are embarrassed about and that we don’t want people to know about us for fear that they will think differently about the “perfect” self we want them to see. I don’t care who you are, shame stops us from living a life of wholeheartedness because were afraid of being judged, so instead, we retreat and maybe don’t do the things we are meant to do or meet the people who we’re meant to meet out of fear. One of my friends sent me this…and it just kind of enforced within me the realization that when the RIGHT person comes along in your life – whether that be a partner or a new friend, they are not going to give a $hit about what happened in your past, they will just care about who that made you today. They won’t judge you for the things that happened before them, rather they will want to know about your past so that they know how to love you currently. It’s really that simple. ❤️

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