The Difference Between a Loan Officer and an Order Taker

It makes me angry sometimes when people think of a mortgage as a commodity. For 99.999% of the people out there, it truly isn’t. It is probably THE largest investment financially that you will ever make. Period. So, why would you trust the whole process to someone who has absolutely no idea what they are doing? Who just takes your information and throws it up against the wall to see if it will stick?

I bet you never thought of it that way.
This is what a true Loan Officer is like!! For reals.

They could make a reality show about all of the things that we do in the background to make sure that your loan is put together properly and the 57 trillion other things that we have to do (that you have no idea about) in order for your loan to close when it is supposed to. It is an art form. A very stressful one at that (for us at least). It is like herding cats most times…and at the end of the day, even if we have done everything right, if something gets screwed up, it becomes our fault.

We CARE about you. We care about your family. We solve issues (like the shirt above) that you didn’t even know you had…but we take that stress on for you and typically just solve it without you even having to deal with it. We problem solve. We coordinate. We personally answer your calls, texts, emails…add that to the other emails, calls, texts that we get from both agents, title etc…. It is a LOT. You have no idea. I know I keep stressing that point…
I tell my clients that the best part about choosing us is that you get ME. My brain. My team. My attention to detail, problem solving skills, ability to herd the cats that we have to herd. We coordinate everything for you so that the only thing that you have to do is to sit back and relax and know that “we got this”! Peace of mind during this process is priceless. You have enough crap to worry about. My job is to make your mortgage process easy (for you).
Now what I am about to say may make some people mad and I apologize because I don’t mean to offend anyone…but I am still going to say it. An “order taker” is a person at, for example, a large credit union that sits behind a desk…paid a small salary. They take your loan application just like I would….but then that is where it stops. They don’t know guidelines, they don’t know how to or have the capability to problem solve and they certainly don’t give a crap about when your loan closes. They take your paper and they push it onto the next person who pretty much does the same thing. Pushes the loan to the underwriter, when they have time because they are working on pushing other paper too and asking for the same things over and over because no one takes responsibility for anything. When you call to get your loan status, you have to talk to someone who has NO CLUE about what is truly going on with your loan who gives you a vague answer. God forbid that you have a technical question or you are self-employed with difficult income or something that happened in your past that isn’t perfect. They will not give you advice on when to lock…how to increase your score…what to do. They simply don’t have that capability because they don’t know and probably don’t care. You aren’t a person with a story…with a dream. You are a piece of paper. Pushed along and then hopefully one day you will close…probably not on time. But hey, you saved $500 bucks by going with them, so have fun!
My career path is very rewarding is so many ways…but dang it, it is SO stressful. So stressful. Have I mentioned that it is stressful? LOL 
We take your problems and make them ours.We take your dreams and make them ours. We take your stress and uncertainty and we just make it happen for you. You get to buy that home…build that dream home…save thousands on that refinance. Who work as a team to ensure that your process is smooth and stress-free.
And that….is the difference.
I encourage you to check out my website at and to look at our testimonials so that you can see how we treat people…and you can truly see the difference.

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