Toilet Paper

My random thought this morning just because I did it just last night…

No matter where in the world I am…regardless of if it is at someone’s house or at a restaurant, if the toilet paper is hung the WRONG way, I am going to fix that shit.
This is, in fact, the CORRECT way.
Oh, and I have done it no matter where I have been. For reals.
I can be at someone’s house for a party that I barely know, but once I leave, the toilet paper is hung properly. Fancy restaurants…those are fixed too. Watch out because I will find you. I have a particular set of skills. ha ha
What’s the matter with these heathens who keep putting it on the wrong way? Google the original patent for TP and you will find what the intended proper placement is. Just sayin’…
Original Patent 1891
This has also become a gauge or a litmus test of anyone I date too…In my head, if you are an “under roller”, you just don’t care about life! Totally too laid back and probably an underachiever. Now, I know that my theory is not 100% true, but my mind goes there. Admittedly. “Over-rollers” are typically Type A peeps like myself. “Under-rollers” are more laid back.
Who are YOU?

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  1. Love it!!! I do the same freakin thing! No lie!!! I don’t like my tissue touching the wall! Yuck! Yay for over-rollers who take a stance & correct the world!!! Love you!!! Marci

  2. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming… the best toilet

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