On Being Over 40

Finally. I am comfortable with myself. It took 43 years. It was gradual. My 40’s have been my favorite time of my life so far! They have been wonderful. I wish that I could stay here forever, but I know that my life will continue to move on…whether I like it or not. I am going to get older.

No longer am I afraid to tell you what I think or the crazy things that enter my mind. No longer do I care about what anyone thinks about me. I am good with my body and I am confident. I am at peace with my scars and the lines that are forming on my face (I am still totally going to get Botox though..just saying). I know what I think and how my mind works. There is something so absolutely satisfying about knowing exactly what you want and not being afraid to ask for it. I am FREE and it feels freakin’ great.

I feel like I have reached an age of “authentic success”…to me this is a place where overall, I am completely content. I am here.

I have accepted my aches and pains that my body has started to feel. I have accepted the stupid hairs that have started growing in weird places LOL. I know what it is to love deeply. To laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. To hurt so bad that my stomach hurts. To bring joy to someone.  To take care of someone. To be taken care of. To surrender my life to God. To NOT plan my life out and just to go with it. To be content.

Here’s to you my 40’s. You rock. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for me.

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