Hiking Does a Mind Good

I feel the greatest joy when I am in nature. It brings me closer to God.

I wonder sometimes how anyone could think that this was all by “accident”. Total random thought right there.

Anyway, back to why Jen loves her some hiking…

It centers me. It makes me forget about work, my chores, my never ending “to do” list. I am forced to live in the present moment. I am not worried about my past or my future. It is allllll about RIGHT NOW…which is pretty awesome.

I notice the thousand other things I overlook on a daily basis because I am not distracted, for once, and am too busy thinking about all of the things I need to do. Right now.

I hear the wind through the trees and the birds chirp. The hum of the cicadas. I see butterflies. I see flowers….No, I don’t see dead people. Sorry, I could not help it! LOL

It brings balance to my heart and soul. My mind is cleared.

I talk to God a lot when I hike. We figure a lot of shit out together.

I appreciate all of the beauty in this world.

And…let’s face it…the people on the trails are pretty damn awesome. Friendly and helpful. I have never met a hiker that I didn’t like.

It makes me push myself to physical limits I didn’t know that I had and is extremely satisfying to me.

So there you go! You should totally try it sometime.

Switzerland 2017

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