College Student Loans — What the Heck, People!!

Today I am going to talk about something that I see every day when I run credit and it scares the hell out of me…it is the high amount of people that have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN STUDENT LOANS…AND MAKE LIKE $50,000 PER YEAR. This makes absolutely no freakin’ sense. How are you ever ever going to pay that all back? It’s not possible…at least in your lifetime.

I think that student loans are the next crisis to hit America. The cost to go to college has become so outrageous…too outrageous…to the point that the cost (I believe) does not in any way justify what you are getting and the kind of job you will get after. We are going to see more and more student loan defaults because people are going to say, “F this…I can’t possibly pay them back, so I am not even going to try!”…and so it will begin.
I just took a loan application this week for a teacher who went back to college to get her masters so that she could make more money at the school. Yeah, she got a raise of about $12,000…but it cost her $121,000 to get her degree. Make sense? Shit NO! It makes no sense. She is not going to be able to pay that off. Furthermore, here $121,000 in student loans stopped her from being able to qualify for home loan. So…instead of being able own at her old teacher’s salary with no loans outstanding, she must now rent because of the choices made.
Do degrees really matter anymore? Does it really matter where you went to college? Maybe it does a little if you went to Harvard or something…or obviously if you are in very specialized field…then it does. For the other 99% of the world, it doesn’t. What happened to using common sense and going to community colleges first that are much cheaper for a few years and THEN transferring if you really wanted to? There, I just saved you $75K. You are welcome.
Some of the most successful people that I know don’t even have degrees. What does that tell you? People don’t HAVE to get a degree to “be something”. Take myself as an example.
You could have a degree from Harvard, but if you are a total jack-wad then it does’t matter. 
Work ethic, tenacity, common sense…worth more than college degree.
You young bucks really need to take heed and make common sense decisions (if you have to pay for your own college)…be mindful of how much you are spending. Think about your future instead of just “right now”.
My sign in my gym upstairs. True Statement.

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