Something is About To Happen…

A few days ago while I was working out in the morning, something very profound happened. I have been debating on sharing it, but this morning, I decided to lay it all out there…

So here goes…

So, for months now, I have had a feeling that I am going to be called to give to someone in a BIG BIG way. Something that is outside my comfort zone for sure. I know that I am supposed to do it because the feeling won’t go away. I have had a feeling that I know who I am supposed to help, but it wasn’t until recently it was confirmed for me (like this morning as to who for sure and what). I bet you wonder how I know…and the only way that I can describe it is when I speak it out loud, the freakin’ hair stands up all over my body really really bad…and the thought won’t go away. When I do it, it won’t make sense to some, but that is ok.

Anyway, back to the profound moment.

Here I am working out (chest flyes, actually) and all of the sudden I was overwhelmed with gratitude…to the point where I started crying and I could not help it…I mean sobbing…with joy. Next thing I know I am on the ground on my knees bowing down and praising and thanking God. I did this for quite some time. It was SO overwhelming I cannot even begin to describe it.

It was life-changing. I was humbled. Peace came over me. Completely surrendered and I just knew that it was Him preparing me. For she who much has been given, much is expected…right?

There is something about giving to others when they do not expect it. I love it, actually. I have also learned that when you give to someone or some cause…when you give out of your comfort zone to the point that it kinda hurts ya, everything turns out just fine…even better than before, actually. God is cool like that.

This morning while drinking my coffee the thought came to me…and I was like, “ok ok”…”I will”. Then in the nice and hot shower this morning, the though came into my mind and I started talking (yeah, totally out loud to myself) about different things that I could do for this person and then I said “it (can’t spill the beans)” out loud and every hair on my body stood up. I said something else…and it went away. I said “it” again and the dang hairs. Shit. That is kinda big, God. OK.

Now I know. I hope you are reading this and I hope that you will let me help you.


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