Getting NAD Treatments

I just finished getting my first round (there were 4) of NAD Treatments. NAD stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a natural therapy that is basically a complete reset of your mind and body.

Here are some links to read about it:
Now, I will try anything that is natural and supposed to be good for you…cause, well, you never know. Additionally, those who have has this have had such wonderful results…how could I not?
The treatment protocol starts with 4 consecutive days. The nurse came to my house at 6am to begin the IV that took approximately 1 hour. The reason she came to the house is because…well…this therapy is quite uncomfortable. It hurts like a MOFO actually. Like getting the flu in parts of your body one at a time.  You feel like you are going to have to take a major poo (ha ha…I know this is way too much TMI but I don’t know how else to explain it.) Once the treatment is over though, the pain immediately stops. The NAD targets bad cells in your body and regenerates new and healthy ones. 
It was so weird to feel the pain in all of my areas that had issues. Very weird. My neck, my abdomen, my stomach, lungs, hip, eyes…I could feel those areas being targeted…cause they were.
The effects take about 7 days to fully kick in but I will tell you that I ALREADY FEEL DIFFERENT….and this is not the placebo effect.
Physical examples: I had started to get this stupid pain in my left hip. GONE.
When I worked out really hard on my Peloton yesterday on a ride that had completely kicked my ass in the past. PIECE OF CAKE. My body doesn’t ache. Not one bit. I feel like I can take a deeper breath.
Mentally: My mind is super clear. I don’t know how to explain it. I feel calm and more at peace.
I am going to check in again on this in about another week or so and then I will add to this post. 
UPDATE: 30 September…

Mind is clear. I feel calmer. At peace….like my path is clear and I know what I need to do. I am stronger. Overall, I just feel better. I don’t “crave” wine like I used to (which did scare me btw bc of my family history). I just want to take care of my body. I like it!

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