Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone- What it Was Like to Walk a Runway

I am an extrovert. I talk to people for a living. I am also on TV sometimes. BUT, I will tell you that walking down a runway in front of 400+ people scared the living heck out of me! It was WAY outside my comfort zone. I mean, WAY WAY out. Way the F out. LOL.

I did it anyway, and it was amazing.

In my life, I decided early on that I would make myself do things that I felt uncomfortable with or scared of. Stepping out of my comfort zone has become the norm for me and I will tell you that 99% of the time, I have LOVED it…afterwards. You just gotta do it.

This past summer, I was invited by San Antonio Threads (Taylor Mobley…this woman is an inspiration on so many levels) to model 2 different outfits. I accepted and then really didn’t give it much thought…until I got there and saw that I was surrounded by beautiful (and experienced) people everywhere. Holy crap.

They did our make-up and hair and then we did a “dry run” of how it would go. ANDDDDD then I really started to get nervous. What if I trip? What if I fall? What if I look like a total idiot? OMG all of the 546464364 trillion things that ran through my mind all at once.

The “dry run”…this is where it hit me. Holy crap I am about to actually do this!

Me…getting makeup put on before the show!

Needless not say, I didn’t fall…or trip…or make an ass out of myself. It was sooooooo fun and empowering, actually and now I want to do it again. I met some wonderful new friends and we basically laughed the whole night. Turns out, they were just as scared as I was!! I am honored to have had the opportunity to check that shit off my Bucket List! Plus we raised $30,000 for a great cause.

What I was thinking: “Please don’t trip, please don’t trip”
What I tried to portray: “Fierce!!” 

Blue Steel

She high-fived me because I didn’t fall! LOL

I just like the way my ass looks in this picture 🙂
As a matter of fact, this is the ONLY picture featuring my butt that I have ever liked. So I am sharing it!!

Point is this: Some of the BEST times in my life have been those times where I have been way out of my element, at first. My goodness, get out of your bubble and live! Try the thing that scares you!
Some Words of Wisdom: As the insert in my Spanx package says (this is a true story and this thing was really inside some Spanx and I kept it!!!!):

Photo credits: Cloverbud Photography, Chris Cantoya, Siggi Ragnar

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