On Failing

One of the things that I had said in an earlier post was about failing…and the fact that I am not afraid to fail. I would rather try something and fail miserably than not even try at all. I think that it is one of the keys to success, at least for me anyway.
I have made some pretty bold and ballsy moves in my life that I am sure that have caused others to wonder, “ WTF is she thinking?” Some have been great…some I have fallen right on my face. You just gotta pick yourself up afterwards and congratulate yourself for at least trying. Most people won’t even TRY for fear that they won’t excel at something or be as good as they envision or would like to be. That is silly. Take a chance, will ya? 
I am sitting here trying to think of some of my “bolder moves” that could have totally sucked…and some ended up being great and some not-so-much.

  • Quitting college when I had a full scholarship and selling everything I owned and moving to CA —> CA is where I got into the mortgage business.
  • Quitting college in CA, giving up my childhood dreams of being a doctor AND and not even graduating ever so that I could pursue mortgage full time —> We know how this turned out!
  • Moving to Dallas to be a very young manager in charge of people twice my age.
  • Stepping down from management because it just wasn’t for me…and “stepping down” to just produce for myself. I had to take a humble shot for this one….but it was the best thing ever and I am so happy now!
  • Giving that all up to move to San Antonio to start allllllll over again in a new market where I knew no one 13 years ago.
  • Relationships that I have been in romantically. 
  • Traveling internationally by myself to places as far away as Tanzania, Africa (my parents wanted to strangle me…but I knew I was going to be ok), Switzerland, Italy etc.
  • Going on live TV for the first time.
  • Skydiving, hang gliding, parasailing.
  • Playing any sports, running a marathon, climbing a mountain (Mt. Kilimanjaro being the highest at 19,000 + feet).
  • Mary Moore (my assistant) and I staying back and not leaving a company where everyone else left and we were the ONLY ones in a 4000 sq foot office. I will write about this some day.
  • The Fashion Show (just wrote about).
  • Putting “my shit” out there on the internet like this.
  • Getting off of blood thinners.
  • Writing prayers and saying them to others.
  • Telling someone that I love them. 
  • Going after certain builders or realtors for business.
  • Being interviewed for different positions that were way above where I was currently.

I could go on…lol. But you get the point. I HAVE failed at a lot of shit, trust me. It takes courage to try things when you know you can fall flat on your face. It’s a blow to your ego when you put it all out there and you don’t get “it” or don’t have the success that you wanted and that is what holds a lot of people back….because you care what others think of you. Well, Fuc* what everyone else thinks, does or says!  I had to learn to get over that. Try shit!  Fail. Get back up again. It’s OK. Try again. Fail. Get back up again. Yup…still ok. Try again. You know the sequence. You will find that some things/people/activities/dreams you thought you had really weren’t right for you, but at least you do actually know! 

Just because I have failed so many times doesn’t make me a failure. It makes me vulnerable, courageous and tenacious…and those are f-ing great qualities to have. 

Victory! Climbed the face of Mt. Whitney in CA (like 1000 feet of rock climbing) which is the tallest  mountain in the lower USA. Did the Mountaineers Route (no trails).


This is me after I ran my marathon. #fail lol

Was lucky to spend an entire dinner and drinks with this dude one night at the Gage Hotel in Marathon, TX because I was not afraid to say, “HI! What the heck are you doing here?”

#Fail. My first tri. I came in NOT last place (but super close).

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