Advice to My Much Younger Self

Dear younger me,

You aren’t always going to have pimples and be awkward. Well, you are still going to get some zits sometimes, but just a few…and its ok! There’s this stuff called “cover-up”…thank goodness.
You are going to have to prove yourself and work really hard…but when you find what you love, it will come easy and naturally for you.
Don’t be afraid to take chances, dammit! Don’t be afraid to fail either! Tenacity and fearlessness…those are damn good qualities to have…cause they will make you one heck of a woman.
You are smart and fun and you are going to live a life full of adventure.
You are going to get knocked down a lot…but you are going to just get right back up (after you brush yourself off). It is all good. Trust me.
Follow your gut cause your gut is God talking to you. You just have to listen.
Don’t care what everyone else is doing or what they think of you. That is their problem, not yours.
Save some money! Even if it is just a little each paycheck.
Spend money on experiences.
Be generous and kind and take good care of your parents when you are older.
You don’t have to be perfect. Learn to love those scars because they have made you who you are. 
Trust God. Life isn’t going to turn out the way you want it to…it will turn out the way it is supposed to…and there is a difference.
Take chances on love. Be vulnerable and take those walls down. You are going to get hurt sometimes…but that’s ok too! If you don’t know the hurt, you don’t know the joy…so take them both!
It’s ok to ask for help! You don’t have to do things by yourself.
Buy the shoes!!
Take good case of your body cause it is the only one you got!! Don’t eat crap food. Exercise.
Be humble and do not be greedy. Give to those in need generously.
Always always always take time for yourself. Be in nature. See the beauty in the world.
Look for the best in others and don’t hold grudges.
Laugh at yourself.
Forgive those who have hurt you.
Put God first.
Pray every day and be grateful for your gifts. Remember that it is not you  who is doing what you do…it is God who gives you the ability to do it. He gets thanked first.
Oh heck yeah!! This is me at maybe 8 or 9 LOL. This was my FAVORITE shirt that I pretty much wore every day.

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