Funny (to me, at least) Stuff I Like to Do…

One of my greatest pleasures in life is such a little thing…but it makes me smile and laugh every single time. I think that most times, people (down here at least…that don’t have the northern sarcastic humor) don’t know how to take me. It’s totally OK. It makes ME laugh…so its all good.

So….pretty much any time I write a check to someone, I write something SUPER embarrassing in the memo section.

Stuff like: “First place winner in the farting contest” or “Congratulations!! You don’t have an infection anymore!” or “For a good time” or “Yodeling contest winner!”….you get it. It’s super funny to me and I wonder if the bank people snicker when the checks get reviewed or cashed.

A fine example of my work! 

The other super funny (again, to me) thing that is fun to me (and definitely the Fed-Ex dude) is that I also love to write embarrassing things on the outside of the boxes that I send to people…so there is no escaping how many ever people are lucky enough to see my “creations”.

My father loves it when he gets a box from me that says things like, “Joe Z love to pick his nose and eat his boogies!” and stuff like that!!

This FedEx guy thinks my dad picks his nose!! It has been confirmed! HA

Oh the joys of getting a package from me!!

Anyway…you should try it sometime!! It’s FUN!! Promise.

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