Why God Allows Suffering (The "Jennifer Answer" Version)

This is for someone very special to me. It is my answer as to why God allows suffering…how I have wrapped my head around it.

Here goes…

Before I can answer that question for you, there is some background that needs to be covered 🙂

Free Will: God has given us the choice to love Him or not. To be close to Him or not. To ask for forgiveness or not. Either way, it’s OUR choice. He is with us always, regardless.

Good and Evil: If we didn’t have evil, we would not have good. All of us have sinned and all of us have some evil in us, even if we don’t care to admit it. I know I do! If we didn’t have good and evil, we would not have absolute truth…right and wrong. It would just be us “perfect good” people in the world with nothing to strive for…no consequences…no true standard of right and wrong.

When we look at things, we make the mistake of thinking that we know more than God does because the concept doesn’t fit into our minds. We have a limited perspective…He does not. He doesn’t see things like humans do, He doesn’t think like we do. He’s God. We are not. We cannot use our limited logic to understand all that He does.

When we try and wrap our heads around, “Why God Allows Suffering”, the answer is more simple than you think…but you might not like the answer…

God dwells in eternity. Forever. Always. The Beginning and the End. There is no time or space or dimension that He is not present. Our fallen world sure does not dwell in eternity. Not even close.

This world is temporary. Heaven is eternity. The time we have on earth is NOTHING compared to eternity.

God’s primary objective is to love and be loved in return (which, I also believe that we humans are hardcoded to want the same exact thing in our lives) by his children…us.

God tells us time and time again, that suffering in this world is temporary compared to eternity with Him.

Check out this link: What the Bible Says About Suffering

He uses the pain, suffering , trials and sadness of this world to prepare us for forever with Him. Our momentary time on earth is nothing compared to eternity. I know I keep saying that…

The cool thing is this: Suffering is going to happen, but God also promises us that He has a plan for everything to work out at the end. Best example that I can think of right now: Jesus. He died for our redemption. Good from bad. Always. Even if we can’t readily see it or make “human” sense of it.

We have to stop looking at things from OUR limited human POV and remember that God looks at things from eternity.

All I know is this…when you accept God into your life EVERYTHING changes. You change from the inside-out and nothing is the same. THAT is how I know.


I posted this pic on Instagram/FB a while back…I read about using this as an example in a book once, so this is what I put together. The picture on the top represents “our” view…the view that we see. Messy as shit and you can’t even hardly tell what it is supposed to be. The picture on the bottom is what God sees.

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