Random Thoughts on Aging, Complaining and Being Grateful

This morning, my head was full of all sorts of random things as you can see by the title.

I actually first thought about how important it was for me to thank God for all of the gifts that I am given. It is by His hands and by His doing that I get to do what I do. He is the one that has given me the gifts of this amazing life. It is not me. He leads me to do certain things and the credit is not mine to take. Thank you, God.

I think that sometimes, it is easy to get cocky and independent because of success…and I forget about how I got there to begin with. It is not my own doing, it is His. I want to always remember that, although I have strayed from this in the past…only to be smacked right in the side of the head by God Himself. Ok, I get it. I know.

Then my mind went to aging…because dammit, my back was so tight this AM when I woke up! I thought about how interesting it is that as we age, we get stronger on the inside at the same time as we get weaker on the outside. At the time where I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my mind, I can feel my body start to show the outward signs of getting older…the aches, the pains, the tight back in the morning…and my inside is full of condfidence, love, compassion, gratitude, understanding and happiness. It is really kinda cool when I think about it. What a neat thing, this life of mine.

Then my thoughts turned to complaining…for those who know me, you know that I have really never been a “complainer”, but this past week or so, I feel like I have been one. I found myself complaining about how much stress I am under, how I felt like things were not going the way I wanted them to go with my loan flow in operations. This morning, I was reminded that when people complain, it really doesn’t do shit except for making things worse. It effects everyone around us, sucking the life out of them. For this past week, I have been a “sucubus” and I am sorry. I seriously have NOTHING to complain about in the whole scheme of things. For those of you I have bitched to this past week, I am sorry. That is not who I want to be.

So there you go 🙂

This is WHY I do what I do.Thank you, God.

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