Words Matter

Sometimes we cannot fathom the impact that our words have in this world. Good or bad, they make a difference. They are just words, right? No No…they are more than that.

They are examples, they are dreams, they are encouragement and they are strength. They are hopes of a better day, empathy, belief, laughter, sadness, anger, wonder or love. Confidence. Joy.
Words matter.
What we speak into our own lives also matters. How do you speak to yourself? What do you put into this world? What do you say when no one else is around? Do you believe in yourself? Oh my goodness, that last one is important. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?
What do you say to others? Do you build up or do you tear down? Do you throw up all over people (figuratively, of course)? Or do you take it all in. Sometimes, what you don’t say is just as powerful as what you do say.
I believe that the words we tell ourselves are the most important because from there, the words we say to others stem from within.Words matter.
The best version of ourselves come from our own selves speaking love into our own hearts first. 
If you believe in yourself, you can inspire others.
If you love yourself, you can speak love to others.
If you have joy in your life, you can bring joy to others…
You see how that works?
Words matter.
What are you telling yourself today?
See? Kindness in your heart gets you everywhere…

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