Goals for 2020

I don’t ever make New Year’s Resolutions…I make a “Shit I Wanna Do” List because, well…its more fun. I find myself looking at my list and smiling because someone them are funny and some are serious. I hang it in a spot in my closet that I can see everyday when I go in there. The good thing about having a “Shit I Wanna Do” list vs. a Resolution list is that if I don’t get to do them, it’s all good and I feel no pressure. After all, it’s just stuff I would like to do.

This year’s list had things about how much money I wanted to save, places I wanted to go and ended with “make some damn banana bread with all of those bananas in the freezer “. I still have NOT made the banana bread however I have added more bananas to the never ending banana collection in my freezer. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who has like 20 bananas in her freezer, but I think surely not. I still have a good solid 2 months before my time is up…I guess it could just go on the 2020 list.

I saved what I wanted to save, I went on a trip somewhere every single month, I crushed my goal of $100 Million in volume, pretty much maintained my weight, worked out 5 days or more a week, blah blah blah…did it! Check. Except for making banana bread…yet. LOL

I have been thinking lately about what to put on the list for next year…some of the things like saving money and going on crazy trips will once again go on the list (cause I want to retire when I am 50 and I also want to have a crap ton of fun in the meantime). I already have a trip planned to New Zealand in February. I will give heavily to charity and to others. My goal, I think, for volume is going to be $200 Million…which seems insane….and what is more insane is that we are going to do it with just 4-5 people vs. the 20+ people that others do it with that do that type of volume.

My biggest goal though, which I have never put out there publicly, is that I want to be on national television. I am starting to put that vibe out there in the world…Jen wants to be on national TV as a contributor for anything mortgage and credit. I have found that I have a love and a knack for being on television and I like telling people “how stuff really goes” when it comes to mortgages etc. I want to teach and I want to teach them the right and correct information that is easy and simple to understand for everyone.

I have been working on the background stuff you have to do like media kits (almost done), getting all of my segments on one website, growing my social media following…its been a lot of work…and this is the preparation.

Next is me going into different markets (working on starting Dec 1)….and then it is more rock and roll time for me.

It was never my original intention to do this…but as I have learned, you never know where life takes you…that goes for everything…

I am excited about so many wonderful things that are happening in my life right now. I am the happiest that I have ever been. The most comfortable with myself that I have ever been. I am in a good spot and I am very grateful to God for all of my blessings for sure. I have great hope for new beginnings… 🙂

I look back sometimes to where I started out…when I could not even afford food (except for Mac and Cheese and Ramen Noodle Soup)…to when I had no furniture in an empty apartment…to when I could not afford to put gas in my car to get to work. I am thankful for those days. They made me who I am today. I would not change one single thing. It makes me more grateful…and like I said in an earlier post, I have found that the more we look for things to be grateful for, the more we are grateful for. There is good shit everywhere around us…you just have to look.


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