Tithing and Giving Money Away

There is something so very amazing about “energy” in the world. I have experienced it when I have had reiki, when I have practiced speaking things out loud and most importantly,  have experienced it in blessing others through tithing/charity/helping others.

Let me tell you how this works…

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned is that when I give to others, the world somehow gives back to me. Big or small…when you do things for other people, good things happen to you. When I first started giving, sometimes it hurt…it put me in a bind…but somehow, I notice that really I was always OK. Now I am perfectly fine with giving “until it hurts” because I know that everything will work out in the end.

I think back to times when I have gone out on a limb and have given someone my last $500 bucks…only to receive a surprise refund in the mail from a credit card that I had unknowingly overpaid. This has happened every single time. God takes care of me in some sort of way…it’s just how it works and it is the reason that I am no longer afraid to do those big things that used to scare the shit out of me.

I listen to my Spirit (God) to tell me what to do….cause you know He talks to me 🙂  I find that when I get that “feeling” that won’t go away, it is something that I am supposed to do…so now I do it.

You have to look at tithing as our way of physically acknowledging that God gives us the ability to make money and that life is certainly better when we say “Thank You, Lord” and graciously give to others. Expressing thanksgiving with action.

I am not saying that I don’t believe in saving for our future…not even close. Everyone should save for their future security. What I am saying though is that there is a Universal Law around all of us that has proven itself over and over again since the beginning of time…


What you put out into this world is in motion, only to return back to you in the form of energy.

That goes with EVERYTHING!!! Everything. Love. Hate. Gratitude. Sadness. Anger. Joy. Bitterness.  Hope. Faith. Money.

Every. Single. Thing. Every. Single. Time.

Money is energy. It is not meant to be hoarded, it is meant to be put out there in this world. I promise you that once you start giving, you WILL start receiving. It is just the way it works.

Think you don’t have enough money to spare? You do. Trust me.

Once you do start giving, you will very quickly see how it all works. If you stop giving, you will also notice a profound difference in your life.

So, put it out there. Give. Put the energy in motion…and then sit back and just watch what happens.


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