Praying in an Uber

 God has an interesting way of putting everything in perspective sometimes. Yesterday’s “God Moment” was in my Uber ride.

My teammates and I went to a gala yesterday evening and I decided to Uber there. I got into the back seat just as I have done so many other times. I tried to make some small talk, but I noticed that my driver, hardly spoke English. I even embarrassingly made a text comment to my staff that, “My driver doesn’t speak English”…literally 1 minute after that, everything changed…so read on.

Something inside of me started to take notice of everything in her vehicle.

She had a handicap placard hanging on the rear view mirror. She had a crucifix sitting on the shelf by the dashboard. She had what appeared to be a rosary wrapped around her left hand.

So, I decided to ask her about it. Indeed it was a rosary wrapped around her hand.

And that is when she came alive…

Immediately, she was excited and showed me her rosary and then pulled out one made from rosewood that she had also and told me all about it. She also had anointing oil and holy water. She was all set!

She said that she has used her driving as a way to pray for people that she gets to meet. Everyone that steps foot into her vehicle, she prays for. The smile her face lit up the entire vehicle…and oddly enough, I could completely understand her.

She talked about how she knows that God is with her always and that she cannot wait to meet Him. That she is thankful for her life and the others that she gets to meet.

She then shared with me that just 7 or so months ago, she had a double mastectomy and that just 3 short months after that, she was diagnosed with cancer again…in her spine. Stage 4.

And she was fine with it….because soon, she will get to meet her Lord and savior. She was actually excited. She said that she was driving to just earn a few extra bucks while she could and that she used it as a ministry to show others the power of God. Gabriella is a very blessed and amazing woman and dang it, I could see the light of God pouring through her. Her beautiful soul just lit up.

Soooo not what I was expecting when I got into that car…but profoundly more amazing than anything I could have ever thought would happen in an Uber on the way to a gala that I didn’t particularly want to go to cause I was so tired.

Imagine yourself and what you would do if you were in her situation. Most of us sure would not be using our last days on earth ministering to people. She is. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? She is listening to God. Serving. Saving.

When our ride was over, I stayed in the car for a few minutes talking to her. I asked her if I could pray for HER right then and there…and so I did.

I laid my hand on her right shoulder and I closed my eyes and bowed my head. I felt her pain that she is keeping inside of her…and I just prayed out loud for her everything that came into my head.

We cried…and I got out of the car.


Gabriella, I thank you for the beautiful ride yesterday, but most of all, for reminding me of the overwhelming love God has for all of us. Keep shining.


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