What I Will Miss About Right Now…In The Future

I have these question cards that I buy off of Amazon…they ask you random questions in order to get you thinking. I use them for journaling a lot. I just write down random things. Sometimes the questions are profound and sometimes they are stupid questions like, “Have you ever seen an alien?”
The answer to that one is NO.

Anyway, today’s was one of the ones that make me stop…think…appreciate and savor that very moment.

I was sitting on my chair that I sit on every morning when I read/pray/think/blog. I had my comfy slippers on. Fireplace on. “Secret Garden” music on all throughout the house. A blanket over my legs. Bella was snuggled up in a ball next to me…and Muffin was poking her head through the back door…just peering but not pushing it open because she wanted me to do that for her. Total f-ing PEACE. Oh my goodness…such a great snapshot in my mind.

This is what I will miss. The girls…Bella and Muffin and the love and joy that they bring to my life every single day. It made me just pause and think about how beautiful this moment is right now. Present moment. I know that the day will come when they won’t be with me, so I will enjoy every second I do get to be the lucky one to receive their unconditional love.

Captured moment this morning. Dang it this dogmas been such a blessing.

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