Why it is Important to Just Be Myself (And YOU, Yourself)

Let’s face it, most bankers and mortgage are stuffy and “stiff” for lack of better words. It is just that way. I don’t know why exactly. It must be something that we somehow learn and becomes a right of passage in our industry. Maybe it is the money, maybe it is the “power”. Don’t know. All I do know, is that when I am in a room with a bunch of bankers and mortgage people, the average temperature in the room goes up about 50 degrees because of all of the “hot air” spewing from everyone’s mouths LOL.

Anyway…I just totally made myself laugh right there.

A lot of mortgage bankers have a “God complex” where they see themselves as untouchable. Especially the ones who do really well (or think they do really well)….That just doesn’t sit very well with me.

It is intimidating for a lot of people to apply for a loan. Think about it…the Loan Officer is about to know every freakin’ detail of your life. You are just putting it all the way the heck out there. Good…bad…ugly…things you are embarrassed of…things you don’t necessarily want people to see. We get to see it. Where you eat and what you spend your money on. Your crazy shopping habits. Your saving skills. Where you have lived and how many different names you have had. When you were late. Problems you are having or had. I almost think that completing a loan application is more invasive than a  full physical at the doctor’s office. So yeah…intimidating. UGH.

BUT…what you have to realize is this: Any seasoned Loan Officer has literally seen it ALL. I don’t think that anything can phase us anymore. So, much like a doc, it is just “another day at the office” for us. Been there. Seen that.

My fellow mortgage bankers…you don’t have to be an a$$hole about it. We aren’t better than anyone. We just happen to have one of the best careers ever…but it should never be taken for granted.

Now back to the whole point of my blog for today….the importance of just being myself.

I don’t care how successful I have become, I am always going to be, “Jenny on the Block”…I am going to continue to play practical jokes, be dorky, talk to myself, swear, be humble, grateful, kind, love people, want to help people, do my best to make people comfortable, be thorough, not make myself to be better than you, remain grounded, give God the glory, be empathetic, listen, fight for you,  and think outside the box. I am not better than anyone ever. Period.

My job is to serve you. Help you. To make your life easier. To solve your problems. To facilitate one of the largest purchases that you will ever make.

My peers…we need to remember that. We are servants….so be humble and grateful.

People appreciate it when people are genuinely personable. When they truly care. They can feel it when you aren’t “yourself”…or maybe you are yourself, but you are just a jerk. LOL

Point is this: I wholeheartedly believe that one of the secrets to my success is that I have not changed. I am myself…the good, the bad…the goofy. I am me and people appreciate that.

I don’t feel like I have to put on this facade so that you are impressed or intimidated…and it makes me sad that so many people do this (in every profession really). I am just ME. Just be yourself. People will like it. Promise.

Hankey says…”Always be yourself.” (I made this up, actually, but it sounds like something he would totally say)

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