Is It The Journey Or The Destination That Matters?

Is it more about how you get there? Or is it more important just to get there? My quandary for you to think about today.

I used to think it was the latter and I have been guilty of saying, “If only I could XX, then I will be happy or good.” I used to think that if I was a certain weight, looked a certain way, lived in a certain home or made this much money…accomplished this goal, THEN I would be happy. I was laser focused on the end destination so much that my tunnel vision made me miss out on something that was so much more important: The journey.

When I first started hiking, I just wanted to reach the top of whatever mountain. I was so focused on that, I totally missed all of the cool stuff I could have seen along the way. Bummer. I missed out. I know this now. I will never forget a defining moment while on a hike in Peru. My end destination was Machu Picchu. This time though, I decided to really take time to look at and enjoy everything I saw while on the 45 mile hike to get there. The overall expericence was so much more enjoyable. I loved everything that I saw along the way and spent quality time with the others that I was with. We laughed. Told stories. Shared our lives. So beautiful. To think that I would have missed it all had I been so focused on “just getting there” like I had done in the past. The funny thing is though that once we actually ended our hike and walked up to Machu Picchu, I didn’t even care!! Everything that I had seen and done along the way seemed so much better to me. The journey.

My friends, it is ok to have a destination…a goal…a want or a wish, but dang it, don’t miss the most important part of your life…that in-between time. The journey that takes you there. The little things in life that are way more important, more beautiful, tender, special…those everyday moments that should make you pause and thank God for all of the miracles that are around you. Those moments that are gone in a flash, but that you should remember for a lifetime to come…you will certainly miss them when they are gone. Take time to savor those small in-between moments along the way.

I believe that the in-between time and the miracles that it shows us starts with a gentle stirring in our hearts. It tugs us. It wants us to listen. Stop. Appreciate. Smile. The journey shows us that there are far more important things than just being focused on the end-goals that we have put upon ourselves. So many of us – including myself – had shut our ears and hearts to our souls telling us that there is so much more. Now it is time to listen.

We have become so hyper-focused on NOT having human experiences anymore. Put the phone down. Enjoy who you are with right now. Sit in silence. Pray. Meditate. Go outside and see the beauty. Take time to appreciate all of the miracles around you. Hug someone or call someone that you have been thinking about. Take a walk. Tell someone you love them. Snuggle. Just pause and enjoy the moment that you are having right now. Smile. Breathe. Be generous. Spend time with others. Give love. Receive love. Spend time. Be nice to strangers. Interact. Make others laugh and smile. Realize how freakin’ amazing your life is. This, my dear friends, is the journey. The good stuff. The important stuff.

For those of us A-types, that is hard to do. I know. I struggle with it. I will tell you though that you have to work at it. It is worth it. Promise.

It is on our journeys that we learn. Endure.Where we are truly fulfilled with all that we have gained along the way.

So here’s to wishing you a very long journey. May you realize all that is around you and appreciate the present moment, no matter what that is. Be present.


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