Dear Jen,
     I am your Persistence, and there are a few things that I have been meaning to talk to you about. Things I want you to remember. Things that need to be said.
     Whenever you are feeling doubtful or unsure of yourself, I want you to read this and realize the gifts that I have given you since you were just a little girl. When you feel sad, mad, or scared, read this list. If you need courage or think that there is something that you cannot do. Read on.
     Remember that I am always part of you…you just have to think of me…and I will appear. I am all in your mind, but I assure you that this is a good thing. A great thing. Promise.
     Let me tell you some of the things that I have done for you:

  • When you were a little girl, you started to crawl, then walk…and then I helped you ride your first bike. Yeah, that was me.
  • Reading, writing. Playing the saxophone and getting first chair. Yup, me too.
  • Remember when you finally got your first “A” in the 4th grade and then you realized that you could get ALL “A’s”? I take credit for that.
  • When you got through your childhood traumas because you thought about the good things you had in your life? Mua.
  • Think about all of those illnesses you had as a kid. Step throat, pneumonia, bronchitis…like all of the time. Remember how you always knew how to get better and how much stronger you got afterwards? Yep…guess who??
  • When you had major surgery on your 15th birthday, missed 2 months of school and still managed to get straight “A’s?” Me.
  • Oh, and that scholarship to college? Guess where that came from?
  • That first Loan Officer job you got in California…think about when you kicked everyone’s ass and you had just started. Hmmm…
  • Blood clots. Pulmonary emboli. DVT. Collapsed lung…let’s talk about those. Do you know why you are alive?
  • Cancer. Yep, that was me.
  • Oh…and when you gained 100 pounds after you had cancer 11 years ago and then lost it all and keep it off. Guess where that shit came from?
  • Broken ankles and in a wheel chair for 3 months. To walking in heels 3 months later? Uh huh.
  • Moving to San Antonio not knowing a soul with zero business to becoming the top Loan Officer in San Antonio in 13 years? That’s right…it was me.
  • Getting you out of any funk you have ever been in by forcing you to think of all of your blessings? Heck yeah…I did that.
  • Those times when you cried so hard because your heart was broken…those times that were your darkest…yet you made it though them. I own that shit.
  • Think about how many people you are able to help. It is because of me.
  • Think about how many of your customers feel the love you have for them. Me!
  • Oh, think about the amazing team you have now? Guess who?
  • Every goal. Every thought. Every accomplishment. You overcome. You want to know why? Because of me! Persistence.
     Now Jen, this is just a very short list. There are a million more things that I can put in this letter to you. I just want you to know what an important role I play in your life. I want you to know that I am always here for you. Sometimes, you will just have to reach a little deeper inside of you to find me. I am always with you though, I promise.
With much love,


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  1. Love your story and such creativity!!! Jamie at FUB.

  2. PS subscribed!!

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