Love and Action

I used to brag about being the best multitasker in the universe (so I thought). In my line of work- like many others-  problems, phone calls, email, text messages, constant interruptions etc. come at me 1000 mph and they don’t stop all day long. Reality.

I don’t value the ability to multitask anymore. I have learned that multitasking is actually not a good thing. Being present is.

Now, don’t get me wrong here…what I am about to talk about isn’t easy to put into practice. It is a daily struggle of mine. However, when I do put it into play, things change for the better. I am able to accomplish more, help more people and feel more fulfilled in my work. By being present.

What does that mean?

Being present in a moment, concentrating on one thing at a time…whether that be a person in front of you, a phone call that you are on, a file that I am working on, a problem in front of me…and really really listening, thinking and understanding helps me be a better servant. I actually get more done by concentrating on one thing at a time.

When I serve better, I feel more accomplished. When I feel more accomplished, I want to serve more. When I practice compassion at work with my clients, they know it and appreciate it.

I call it,  “Love and Action.”

When you are able to be present in what you are doing, people will take notice. I promise. They will feel that you truly have compassion for them and want to help.

So when you are on the phone with someone, give them your full attention. Don’t be typing at your keyboard or thinking of the 1000 other things you need to do. Be present.

When someone is in front of you, give them your full attention. Listen. Show them love and understanding. Be present.

When you are working on a project of any sort, finish one thing at a time before you move onto the next.

I know my dear friends, this is not an easy task. You can do it though. Start with baby steps. Do at least one helpful thing for someone every day and you will see what happens.

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