Comfortably Uncomfortable

There is something new in your life. Newness scares you. It is change.

In order to get there, you are going to trust that someone will be there waiting for you on the other side – hand out – to catch you as you take the giant faith leap across a chasm that seems like a mile wide. In reality, it isn’t…just seems that dang way though because in the valley below you can see snippets of the changes you are going to have to make to get there. Everything is so new. New experiences. Things are all so very disparate from the comfort that you are used to.

Ahhhh…being comfortable. It is nice to be in a place where everything is so familiar. You have security. Yeah, you know that the life you are living is filled with mediocrity. BUT…change would take too much effort. It’s too scary. So, instead of taking that leap to the upgraded 2.0 version of yourself that is sooo itching to break out and be free, you stay in your “comfort zone”, unwilling to make yourself uncomfortable.

“Too much uncertainty” you think.

That 2.0 version within you begins to die. The better life. Better job. Better health. Stronger relationships. Serenity. Bliss. Their lights begin to fade as more time goes by without action.

Until the light goes out. The life you could have had fades away all because you were scared to take that leap.

All because you didn’t want to be uncomfortable for a little while. You didn’t have faith.

What you did not realize is that God was waiting there on the other side for you the whole time. He would have picked you up if you fell. His hand was extended. He is waiting.

Had you believed that, would you have made different decisions? I am sure the answer is an astounding, “YES!”

He would tell you that it is ok to be scared. Okay to be uncomfortable ‘cause it is only going to be for a little while.

Make that change. Take that chance. Put on your running shoes and take that giant leap over the chasm. Talk to Him. Ask for His guidance. He is waiting for you.

In order to realize the blessings in your life and become the very best version of yourself, you are going to have periods of time where you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Yeah, it is going to be difficult…but know that even if you fall, you ARE going to be able to get right back up. Promise.

Being uncomfortable…it is difficult. It sucks. It is unpleasant. Think of the outcome though that comes from pushing through something that sucks for a little while in order to get something AMAZING. In order to be better, you can not keep doing what you have always done. You won’t ever grow.

You have to do things differently. Whether that be the perennial “get your shit together”, eating right, exercising, learning a new career, stopping drinking, doing what you would actually love to do instead of working in your mundane job. Taking time for yourself. Saying “no.” Saying, “yes.” Trying something completely new. Trying a different way of doing things. Work on a relationship. Realize your internal thoughts need to change. Retrain yourself.

Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable will change your life.

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