People that Drive You Nuts

Let’s face it, there are just some people that you know that absolutely drive you nuts. Insane. Super annoying.
When you hear their voice, your soul rolls its eyes. They walk into a room and you can feel the dread sneak upon you and then it smacks you in the face.
This person could drive you batty for several reasons…whether it is because of how they act, their political stance, their voice, antics…whatever it is, it rubs you the wrong way. Ick. Worse than nails on a chalkboard.
Let me tell you how to alleviate that. 
Well, you could just stop having a relationship with that person and avoid them at all costs…BUT sometimes you can’t do that! What if they are family or a co-worker that you have to work with every day?
Here is my simple solution: Don’t focus on their flaws. Don’t hone in on the things about them that drive you freakin’ crazy. Try to look at them with love and from God’s eyes. Love through God’s eyes. Find something about them (yeah, I know it is difficult) that you do like and that is good. Try and see what life is like standing in their shoes. Instead of judging them for whatever you don’t like; just don’t judge them at all. Love them.
Here’s what happens: You will find that YOUR heart is instantly softened. You realize that maybe what was bothering you about them is a reflection of something that you have going on in your life. When you truly try to love them through God’s eyes, you will find that they really aren’t as bad as your mind made them out to be. Find the good. Concentrate on that. Understand where they came from and what shaped them into the person they have become. You will be surprised sometimes.
When you change the way you think, you will find that you will become more joyful and compassionate…and that is so much more powerful.
It is easy to love “easy to love” people. Anyone can do that.
How much better is it to love those that aren’t? Now THAT takes strength. A really great thing that happens sometimes is that your love changes THEM too.
When you do this – trust me – your life will be transformed. Your relationships will get better. Your light will shine stronger. YOU will be happier. It is just that simple.
Rome, Italy – It is just a cool pic!

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