Safari in Africa

After the climb, we spent the next the next 6 days on a safari whirlwind tour…spending 2 days in Tarangire, 2 days in Ngoro Ngoro Crater and then 2 days in the Serengeti.

I am just going to share some pics and some of the stories and funny observations that I had during this time.

Tarangire consisted of having a “tent” room. It had electric (at night) and my very own “shower.” I quickly got to learn what a monkey lock was (those tricky monkeys!!!) AND why we cannot leave our rooms at night without an armed (machine gun) escort. I also learned that Tsetse flies love me a little too much and about very large spiders that want to kill me in my sleep. Also, I learned about why one should always drip the faucet whilst in a tent room in Africa.

The Story of the giant spider and the ants that must have brains. Picture me getting into my tent room after many days of hiking.I took my boots off and was very excited about taking a shower. I went to turn the water on and lo and behold, there is a freakin’ spider the size of a very large tarantula in the shower room. After almost having a heart attack, I slowly backed out of the room to go and grab my boot to kill this mofo. Heart racing, I went back into the room and the freakin spider was GONE. I was like, holy shit….where did it go?? How am I going to take a shower or go to the bathroom or even sleep? He’s going to eat me.

So that night, I put every layer of clothes on that I had including a hoodie and made sure that all of my orafaces were covered up!! I didn’t care how hot I was! That sucker isn’t going to get me in my sleep!

Luckily, I was not bit when I woke up the next day and I thoroughly checked all of my bedding. I woke up to so many bird noises, it was amazing. I also evidently slept through a zebra getting gutted by a lion right outside my tent! WTH. How I didn’t hear that still baffles me. Everyone else woke up. It must have been all of the layers over my spider proof ears!

I went to the bathroom only to find ants everywhere all over the place. I hate ants. Now I remember why they told me to drip my faucet. Who would have thunk it. Where we were, if you don’t drip your faucet, those little F-ers crawl up through the pipes and come out the faucet. Ick.

Despite my little difficulties, the 2 days there were absolutely fabulous!!

My room 🙂

A view from the inside looking out!

From the porch…had total 180 views.

Loved the trees in Africa…and the giraffe!

My first elephant sighting! Yay!

Random Observations Made (taken from my journal): 

You have to look closely…but the guy is jumping. This is what they do…the Maasai. It is called  “Maasai Adamu” which is a jumping dance essentially. It marks a rite of passage for men.
  1. I am very much ok to travel alone. What an adventure it has been. I can talk to anyone and make friends easily.
  2. I love talking to people and learning their stories.
  3. I definitely need to simplify my life…but am I capable?
  4. Thank God I live in the USA. I will no longer complain about my first world problems.
  5. The Tanzanian people are really really nice, happy and friendly despite not having much. I wonder how happy I could be living in a hut made with sticks and mud and poop. 
  6. It is really great to be able to give someone something that they could have never of purchased on their own. I am happy that I got to bless others with all of my gear and most of my clothes. Giving is truly better than receiving.
  7. I am definitely going to wear less makeup. Man, I feel so much better with nothing really on. It’s so freeing and I am learning to love myself with it off.
  8. I absolutely need alone time. I need time to reflect and it brings me peace.
  9. I miss talking to my mom and dad every day. I miss my puppies.
  10. I am happy with myself just the way I am.
The View

Maasai Warrior Tent

Maasai Women

A little creepy how he’s looking at me!

Ngoro Ngoro Crater: Now…looking back, this place was my favorite. My room was awesome. Elephants came up to my back porch. The food was the best. The safari part here was so amazing. We saw so many beautiful things. Just going to share pictures right now on this one…

Taken from my back porch at sunrise.

A view of the fog rolling down the crater…from my back porch!

X-Rated Monkey Pic!

He posed for us! 

After 2 days here, we went further out into the Serengeti. We drove (more like vibrated) on a dirt road for over 3 hours. While on the way there, the radiator cracked (from rocks hitting it) in the Land Rover and they fixed it with COW POOP!! No lie. This was very funny to me. Who woulda thunk it?? The fix lasted about 45 minutes and then it came loose…and then they made more cow patties and got us there in one piece. 
My home sweet home in the Serengeti

LOVED the trees!

A view from my back porch.

Watchu lookin’ at?

Water Buffalo


More water buffalo

My final observations from this trip (as written in my journal):
  1. I think it is funny how, when you get a bunch of people who travel together, all they talk about is traveling. It is funny to see grown people have a pissing contest about who has travelled the most. I keep changing the subject to try and get people to talk about something else, but it is not working.
  2. I will be very happy to get back home and sleep in my bed without worry about contracting malaria.
  3. How can people not believe in God after seeing all of the beauty in this world? He painted such a beautiful tapestry for us to see. You just have to stop and look.
  4. Everyone is given grace and it is important not to think too highly of ourselves or judge others. We all have been given certain gifts from God and only God (and hopefully the person figures out what those are) knows what those are. Live in harmony and glorify God. It is that simple.
  5. I sure do love massages. Just had one of the best ones ever. In a tent…overlooking the Serengeti…thunder storm. Enough said.
  6. I love playing practical jokes on people and putting stuff in their bags. I hope I never get too old for this.
  7. I will never take having hot water for granted. Ever.
  8. I miss my home.
  9. I will also miss Africa.
  10. I can’t wait to go on my next adventure!!
After leaving Serengeti we had to hop on a plane back to Arusha. Dirt runway, open doors, very young pilot. Need I say more?

Until next time….

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