Choices Choices…

Join me in imagining a little here….

How different would your life be if you were born to different parents? In a different place and time perhaps. Somewhere else.

Imagine that you were born in a different country…maybe the Middle East. Your soul housed in your temporary body on this earth…but with different parents. Weird to think about, right?

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that you were born in the time and place you were supposed to? I do. Mainly because I would not be here if I had been born, say, in the 1800’s. My blood clots would have already killed me back in my 20’s.

I believe that God makes no mistakes when it comes to our perfect timing. We are fearfully and wonderfully made…remember? We were each born with unique gifts and we are here to live a life that is distinctly different than anyone else on this earth. Our souls are granted temporary housing in this body that we were born with and what we do with it is really entirely up to us. Really.

There are so many possibilities. They are endless if you think about it. We have unlimited options of how we will use our gifts (or not use them) and we can choose to love, cherish and take care of our “house” or not. Choices matter…even the little ones.

I am about to have a birthday this month, and while thinking about turning 44, it made me really ponder how my life choices got me to where I am today. Every single decision that I have made, since I was able to myself, has led me to right now.

And now….

and now!

The mistakes, the regrets, the smart moves, the chances, the bold moves, the dreams…all of the bazillion choices that I have made along the way, got me here…at this very moment.

God gave me my body and my initial circumstances in life…but He also gave me gifts to work with. It was up to me to make something out of them. I am a huge believer though that no matter what circumstance you were born into, the way that you choose to live your life is on you. You cannot let some crappy past dictate your future. You cannot blame your current shit show life on anyone else but yourself. Cool thing though…you can change…just by making different choices.

It is up to me to continue to use my gifts to live the best life that I can live. It is the same for you. Trust me, I did not have a childhood or an upbringing of rainbows and butterflies, but I did make a decision to NOT let it dictate how I would live in the future. I used my God given qualities to live the life I live now. I embraced my uniqueness and crawled out of my darkness into the woman I am at this very second. Things could have gone very differently.

One of the ways, I believe, to help change you is to have new experiences…try new things. It awakens our souls. Expanding our experiences might lead you to a whole different life…just by trying something new. They make us stronger. So many of us are stuck in a rut where we just give up because we think that it doesn’t matter what we do, we will still be XXX (insert your problem here). I am here to tell you though that this is not true.


As we get older, the more our souls show. It shows in our faces. It becomes visible. Your eyes, your smile, the love, the sorrow, the hurt, the anger, the happiness, the joy…it is all there. What do you want yours to look like? It is up to you, ya know.

Did you take care of your temporary house? Did you use your gifts wisely?  Did you embrace your uniqueness?

Or did you let your weakness dictate this short time on earth and waste the precious time that you were given?

Choices. Unlimited possibilities.

That’s all I got for today!

“Endless Possibilities”…I captured this one right as he was looking out into the ocean… thinking and staring.

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