Living Your Best Life NOW

I think that we can all agree that each of our lives becomes the shape of the days we inhabit…right? Each day goes by- one at a time- and then all of the sudden, BAM…you are 40, 50, 80…

One of the greatest sins is to have a live that has been “un-lived.” We were born into this world with a million possibilities and it is a shame how many people will express regret about not living the life they should have lived when they are on their deathbed…. “If I only had one more year, I would have done…..”

Why do so many people do that? They let the days go by, one after another, and never live the life that they dream they could have. They listen to the barriers in their heads that limit them and tell them, “no.”

If you are reading this, pause for a minute and think about the dreams that tug at your soul…the thoughts that come from your heart. Recognize the innate gifts that only YOU were born with. The wants that you have and the endless possibilities  before you that are meant to shape YOUR individual life (they are quite different than mine). What you are choosing to do with each day of your life that you are given is on you.

It is your choice. Are you living like your spirit yearns for you to live? Or are you limiting your life by living up to the expectations of others? Do you even know what your gifts are? Do you use them? Do you play it safe? Guess what? You won’t ever be able to see the work that God can do through you unless you break through the barriers your soul beckons you to conquer.

When we live in the mold of how others want us to live, we betray our own individuality. You have the choice to break free from that and to use the gifts that God blessed you with.

Don’t be that person that goes through life like a robot each day. You know what I am talking about.

Take a chance, be thankful, love, create, experience, have faith and actually LIVE each day of this very precious and finite life you have been given. These precious seconds, minutes, days are truly gifts and blessings should not be wasted.

It is up to you…now go do it!


My Great Grandmother Pandolfino — lived until she was 99.9 years old
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