Working With Whatcha Got…

Now, and throughout time, a woman’s beauty is one of her most prized possessions. Us women look in the mirror ever day and we criticize ourselves, we tend to look at the things that are wrong with us…the things we want to change…we compare, we wish ourselves to be different in some way. We look at others and wish we could be more like “her.”

I want to challenge you to do something different today.

When you look at yourself, I want you to find the GOOD and BEAUTIFUL parts of your external self and concentrate on accentuating those parts.

Have great eyes? Make them up every day even if you are at home.
Great butt? Get some jeans or pants that show that booty off.
Nice legs? Wear things that flatter them. Go get yourself some power shoes.
Great lips? Get some badass lipstick and wear it proudly.
Great teeth? Make sure you are smiling a lot.
Do you love your hair? Make sure it is done every day.

Every single person has something that is extraordinary about them. If you haven’t discovered your feature, go look at yourself right now. There is something on you that makes you stand out.

Accentuate the assets that you have and you will feel better about yourself. I promise. Working with whatcha got will force you to focus on the positive things about your external self. You will learn to identify the good things about your outward appearance and realize that you have been beautiful all along.

You are beautiful.


My favorite parts of me? My eyes and my lips. 

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