I am sitting here this morning, feeling both grateful and guilty…thinking about how lucky I am to have a job that I can do from any location on the planet. Mary, Ryan and I are set up in my house…me in my office and them at

my kitchen table. Doing business as usual sans meeting out clients. Oddly enough, we have found ourselves getting even more work done in our overloaded day.

Then I start thinking about the millions of people who are about to go through a horrible hardship that, I believe, hasn’t even started yet. Small businesses will be devastated by closure…Service workers who live off of tips…people who live paycheck to paycheck…people with young kids that can’t go to school…I mean, you name it. I believe that the after-effects of our social distancing is going to throw our world into a tizzy that has not even begun. I believe that aftermath will affect every single person on the planet and it makes me sad.

Our resilience will be tested and we are going to have to come together as a community in order to succeed in whatever conclusion this virus has for us. It is the only way that we are going to crawl out from it. No more can we argue about mundane bullshit that doesn’t make a a difference. We are going to have to help each other. Come together as ONE nation under God, indivisible.

I hope that the media cuts their shit out…you know what I am talking about. The dividing…the lies…the hysteria causing, separation inducing news coverage. I hope that they can put their own beliefs and agendas aside and actually report to bring people together. Ahhhh…a girl can dream…can’t she? I believe that a lot of our hysteria is caused by them perpetuating dividing crap over and over and over again with no regard for the outcome. It is more about bashing the President than it is keeping people safe and providing real statistics.

Notice I am not talking about getting sick. That won’t even really be the problem.

We are destroying so many lives right now over a sickness that has shown itself to have a very low mortality rate. We are scared by the virus because we don’t know that we have it and it is easily spreadable. However, it really only effects a small population. Where does it end? Do we debilitate our whole country over it? The world?

It just seems suspect to me. All of it. Either there is something they are not telling us or this is a drastic over-reaction.

When this is over, we are going to have to crawl out of it….together. Learn from it. Grow stronger…together….because the world as we know it today is going to be a whole lot different.

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