When Your Clothes do the Talkin'

Look at yourself right now and think about this: What are the clothes you are wearing saying about you?

Clothing….what you wear and how you wear them, speak volumes about you. Do they accurately represent the authentic you…or are you giving off a vibe that is not innately yours?

Think about the social clues you give even before someone speaks to you (they might be right or wrong, but it still happens). You are speaking to others before you even say one single word. What do YOUR clothes say about you?

Someone sees you and can subconsciously and consciously detect how you feel about yourself, your current mood, what you might do for a living, the amount of class that you have or don’t have, your sexuality, your gender, how old you are, your judgment, your personality, your beliefs and possibly even your viewpoints.

So my question to you is this: Do your clothes represent your true self? Or are you wearing someone else’s clothes?

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