By Now

By now, I would guess that most home projects and “honey-do” lists have been completed. You have watched all you would ever want to watch on Netflix (ever!) and you have thought about all of the million things that you are going to do when this is all over. You are sick and tired of watching the news, the political blaming, the finger pointing, the clamor… and you wish that they would just shut up and put something positive on. You have called all of your friends and even some that maybe were not (before this) and have trolled Facebook for countless hours looking for funny memes to make you smile. Anything to make the numbness go away.

By now, you have made lists of ways you want to change and things that you will do “when the quarantine is up” that may have seemed so silly just a few weeks earlier.

You feel guilt, sorrow, grief because you are seeing so many people hurt all around you. Or maybe you are one of the ones who are really hurting.

By now, you know someone personally who has been affected by this virus…either by actually getting sick or by the devastating consequences of quarantine on their business. You are seeing people’s businesses that they worked for all of their lives crumble and collapse within just a few weeks. You think of those you cannot see and miss them dearly. By now, the realization of the annihilating effects on society have hit you…right across your face. Maybe by now it is YOU who has lost your job or has been laid off. “How will I pay my mortgage?” you think…

By now there are hospitals filled with people that no one can go visit. People dying alone. Medical workers risking their lives.

You see people who blatantly ignore the social distancing and it infuriates you…”How can people be so foolish?”

You see the world changing right in front of you and you realize that nothing will…ever…be…the…same. You miss your old life.

You realize all of the millions of things that you used to take for granted and you vow to appreciate them once more. When this is over. Or maybe right now.

You realize that we have been living in a world of entitlement and you finally “get it.” Oh no…I won’t be that way anymore. You will appreciate even the most simple things from now on. You can already feel yourself changing.

By now you have struggled with that numbness that just won’t go away. You feel helpless.You feel stripped of your freedom and you can feel the lion of your soul wanting to come roaring out of you…

This is what I want you to think about…some things that cannot be taken away no matter the situation or circumstance.

The light inside of you.
The love of others.
Your smile.
Your will.
Your humanity.
Work ethic.
You’re passion.
Positive attitude.
Your uniqueness.
Your determination.
Your resilience.
Your gratitude.
Your relationship with God.

My friends, these things will not be cancelled and taken away from you.

One of my favorite quotes is, “ Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” My dear ones….when you are tempted to throw in the towel, I need you to realize the many things around you that cannot be taken away from you. You have so much to be grateful for even during this storm that we are in. It shall pass…I promise. Things will be very different, I know. However, we have the ability to Be The Lights that help brighten up the path that we have before us.

May God bless you.


I know you are right here with me, Lord.

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