Finding the Good

Right now, it is easy to think about all of the hundreds- if not thousands- of things that are missing from your life. You know, those things that you used to do just a month ago that you completely took for granted. You have now settled in to your “new normal”. Some of you have let the darkness enter your soul and have found yourselves concentrating and pining for the things you used to have or do. You have become focused on your current situation’s negativity and it is stirring a deep, dark seed of discontent within you. You might be bitter and angry and you may even refuse let any joy into your life “until this is all fixed.”

I will bet you, though, if you change your mindset to one of gratitude and thanksgiving, this time that we are all in can have a greater meaning…a greater outcome than your mind has ever imagined. Like my mom used to say, “Jen, you just have to make the best of it.”

We might not be able to change our situation, but we CAN change our minds and attitudes – no matter  what is before us.

When you take nothing for granted, you will see that EVERYTHING is a blessing. You can find good in every situation. Although this might seem like an impossible feat right now, I promise you that it is more simple than you think.

God has given us the strength to do so much more than we would ever imagine. We should never worry about how we will get through the day because worrying about that is such a waste of our precious energy. His strength, through us, gives us what we need every day.

The sun has risen (and the Son will rise!!). We are alive. We have salvation. Sunshine. Flowers. Air to breathe. The grass (at least here in Texas) is green and the birds are singing.

Most of us have spent more time with our immediate families than ever before. We have spent precious time with children and our spouses. We have played games, watched movies, completed household chores…together. You, most likely, have spent the highest amount of quality family time EVER together. You have cooked together, laughed together, snuggled together…gone on long walks together. Talked more than ever before.

I bet one day, when your kids get older, they will look back at this time with a positive lens because they will smile and remember all of the time that was spent together…being a family.

Or maybe you are alone and you might have realized that this is possibly the ONLY TIME you might have in your whole life to really get to know YOU. You have a journal to write. A meditation to perform. An exercise to do. A recipe you have always wanted to try. A friend to call. Take this time and work on yourself. This can be a very exciting time…if you let it.

There aren’t the million other “things” to do that used to pull us from what is most important. Maybe all of those “fillers” that we used to have in our lives really aren’t that necessary. Maybe, by now, you have realized what is. I hope you do.

We cannot change what is going on all around us. We can only change our response to what is. If you only focus on the negative, you are cheating yourself. You are cheating God.

Whenever you find your mind going in the wrong direction, stop! Train yourself to look around and count the 45 trillion things that are positive about whatever situation you are in. Open your eyes and look around…I mean REALLY open your eyes and take a look at what is around you.

There is so much out there – right in front of your face – to be thankful for. having a day centered in gratitude vs. disgust will change you from the inside – out.

That’s all I got for today.


The light will always shine through the darkness.

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