Don’t Lose Hope

I went to HEB yesterday morning and I got to wait in the “social distancing” line around the store. Most everyone had a mask on and gloves. Pretty much everyone that walked out of the store had a huge thing of toilet paper in their hands (which made me giggle to myself).

Everyone’s heads were down. Shuffling forward like a herd of cows. No one talked to anyone else. No one looked at each other in the eyes. Just shuffled forward. Obeying orders.

No smiles. No conversations.

It scared the shit out of me. Not because I am afraid of getting sick. Trust me, I was the person in line trying to make jokes and smile and talk to people and it was not very well received. It made me think…

So this is how it happens…this is what happens when people just “go along” and lose their hope.

Prior to all of this BS, we had already started to lose our humanity…just by virtue of technology. Hiding behind internet, text messaging, email…just cause it is easier to do those things versus actually having a conversation with someone or meeting them in person.

Now, everyone is made to pretty much stop our outside activities and when we do get the chance to smile or talk to someone, a lot people have extended their mental distancing to act like other people who are actually around them don’t even exist. That is disturbing.

Hope has been lost. We are in trouble. What is my point?? Read on.

I have heard first hand about people having complete mental breakdowns because they are so scared. They spend the day watching the doom and gloom overblown news. What most people don’t realize is that during all of this, the “truth”…well the TRUTH has become a moving target. The experts honestly have no clue and they are drawing conclusions based on guesses and putting it out there. For example, Fauci – who is supposed to be THE expert- said in USA Today in February that C19 risk is “minuscule” and that we should skip the masks and wash our hands. Moving target.

The truth is that facts are changing very quickly…however the media likes to hold on to last week’s news…because that is what gets people to watch…those crazy doomsday headlines. It’s like an addiction that people don’t realize is hurting them, but mentally and systematically it is breaking people down bit by bit until the hope that they had starts to dim more and more each day….and then poof. It’s gone.

They originally thought that 240,000 Americans would die from this, but now they are downsizing that number to 60,000 which is a dramatic change. But then we look at the fact that over 600,000 people a year die from cancer in the USA. Up to 20,000 people die from the flue each year in the US. 60k though…is still a lot of people and that number means even more to you if you or someone you know is included in that number. Just like it would for the flu or cancer or any other cause of death…it is very sad and unfortunate.

I also, however, believe that this has been way overblown. Things just aren’t as bad as predicted. The hospitals are not full. People aren’t storming them. There isn’t a ventilator shortage and they have even discovered that ventilators really aren’t helping. Knee jerk reaction based on guess. I get it. We haven’t experienced anything like this before. Like I mentioned earlier, facts change quickly, but the media holds onto headlines from weeks ago. They put their heads down and drill the information into us. People TRUST the news and look to the news for facts…and ladies and gentlemen, you have to know that there is a LOT of misinformation out there because it’s just easier to keep talking about the bad stuff then it is to pick up your head and actually look up to see that things ARE changing. “Facts” are changing.

The World health Organization estimates that between 290,000 – 650,000 people die per year because of the flu. If you actually do your homework on how they are counting Covid-19 deaths, you will discover that it “counts” as a Corona death if you test positive for the virus but something else kills you. Numbers are skewed. Truth is, when people are spitting out numbers, they don’t really know. So be careful.

I think that people should take great care in staying home if they are sick and that everyone should be super diligent in washing their hands and being very cognizant of their own health and make good decisions accordingly. If you are over 65 and in bad health or have immune difficulties, then absolutely, you should self-quarantine and stay away from the crowds until everything dissipates. Everyone in the high risk groups should isolate. If you are obese, have hypertension, lung disease, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, then you have to be extra careful.

This brings me to another point of something that I pray that everyone has learned from this trauma: WASH YOUR DANG HANDS. Elementary hygiene that I bet, before this, only about 30-40% of Americans practiced. In general, people are pretty gross and have been lacking big time with this simple everyday/every time chore for whatever reason.

So many of us have become programmed to believe everything we see on TV. So many continue to watch the news…the political infighting bullshit that doesn’t stop. I hope that one day that you realize that most politicians that are looking to further hurt our President (ANY PRESIDENT) are just in it for themselves and they don’t give a shit about you. They WANT you to lose hope….because then you will need them to take care of you. Cattle. You need the government to take care of you and provide you with money cause you can’t do it on your own…see? Maybe you are someone who wants the government to take care of you…in that case, I suggest you move to China or Vietnam. Let me know how that works for you.

I ask you this question: Do you think more people will be affected by the economic calamity or the virus? I believe the answer is very clear.

17 MILLION + UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE IN AMERICA IS NOT ACCEPTABLE OR A SOLUTION TO A CRISIS. We need to very quickly start talking about how to go back to work and “normalize” the very different world in which we now live in.

Think about this…

This virus has disrupted every country in the world. Do you believe what the communist Chinese party says on the origin? They tried to cover things up. They lie. The world is going to be pretty pissed off at them when this is all over. I foresee many companies pulling out of there and bringing their manufacturing etc. back to their own country.

We have just literally printed billions of dollars for aide. Where do you think this money is coming from? Do you maybe think that there is going to be some massive inflation and some major depression that can and most likely be rampant throughout the world?

How do we do an “about face” and fight to bring back America? What is the plan? It needs to be slow and deliberate but it must happen very soon.

I know on this one, I have rambled on and jumped around a bit…I started off with one idea and it kind of evolved the more I thought about it.

We need to stand up and say, “this is enough”…and pray for our leaders to execute a plan for “normalization” once again. We need to stand together, united, as one. Work together. Pray together. Support each other. Those who were fortunate enough to not be affected by the virus owe it to others who were to help them…to be “the lights” of this world. Be generous. Be understanding. Be kind. Take care of those who need help because it is the right thing to do. We need to go back to work.

You are not immoral if you don’t love being home. You are immoral if you go somewhere and you know you are sick and willingly spread your germs. You are immoral if you know that you should wash your hands and be mindful of your germs, but you choose to be too lazy.

Perhaps we should also focus on the lessons that we have learned from our being “forced” to quarantine and isolate:

  • You slowed down
  • You realized what was truly important
  • You now understand that relationships mean so much more than you ever thought
  • You ate dinner with your family…probably way more than you ever had before
  • You looked to God for help and strength
  • You spent time with your children and got to know them
  • You got to know yourself
  • You realized how many silly things we fill our days up with that are meaningless
  • All of those thousand errands that you used to believe you had to run each week really aren’t THAT important…spending quality time with those that you love is way better
  • You appreciate others so much more
  • Your gratitude increased
  • You paid attention to how your actions affected other people and became less selfish

My prayer for those that are reading this is:

May you not lose hope.
Pick your head up and look forward.
Know that whatever is happening to you financially, you have the ability to climb out. You can do this.
You cannot give up.
You must be strong and discerning when it comes to listening to those who are trying to limit you. You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.
Remember your resiliency.
Don’t let your fear win.
Be kind and generous to others.
Reach out to someone who might be hurting. Let someone else know when you are hurting.
Look for ways to brighten someone else’s day.
Look people in the eye and acknowledge them when you see them.
Be human.
Turn off the news for a while and spend time with those who are in your home. You might not ever get this opportunity again.
If you are alone in your home, reach out to those you love to spend quality time listening and talking to them.
Believe in the goodness of others and your community. Together you will rebuild.
Know that this shall pass.
You are never truly alone…God is right there with ya…so talk to Him. Build that relationship.

That’s all I got for today!


Cattle Line – the new “normal”

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