Prayers Unanswered

I have heard that the greatest prayer unanswered is the prayer never prayed. I disagree.

I think the greatest prayer unanswered is one that was; but I wasn’t ready.

This is what I have learned, when you pray, you HAVE to believe in God’s great power to make it happen. If you pray for rain, you had better prepare your fields.

Trust His will. If it IS His will, then it’s gonna happen. End of story.

BUT you have to also believe that it will happen. We have to make are we are ready for it to happen. After all, we can’t be asking God to do something in our lives and then not believe enough in Him to follow through.

You want to be healed? Prepare yourself to be healed. Change your mindset. Change your attitude. Be open-minded. Prepare.

You want to find love? Get your home in order. Get your shit together and make yourself ready so that when the prayer is answered for you, you are totally equipped for this person to love you back.

Do you want to heal from hurt? Then get your heart right. Forgive. Open your soul so that the blessing of healing can be received.

You see? We pray these prayers to God to change certain things in our lives, but we don’t take the necessary steps to lay the groundwork to receive the answers.

God has all of these plans for us. He says, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

How unfortunate it would be, my dear friends, to miss these amazing blessings because we didn’t prepare for them to actually happen.


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