Lately, I have been rethinking a lot of things, as I imagine many people are. I now have turned off the news completely and have put my head down to concentrate on what is in front of me versus what anyone else is doing. I just can’t stand the media anymore. It is out of control. I loathe hearing constant negativity that just loops the same shit over and over and over again.

I feel like people have just gone freakin’ crazy. We have lost it. It makes me sad. It also scares me so much how “dumb” we have become as a society that people just believe everything that they hear or see on the news without further investigating or thinking that,  “hmmmmmm….maybe there is some bias going on here” or not getting the fact that people have other agendas that they are trying to shove down out throats by systematically breaking us down so that we believe we “need” them. It is all a bunch of crap.
What is happening to everyone around me? The perpetuation of negativity is further fueling the uncertainty that people are feeling causing further agitation. It is a vicious cycle that we need to stop before it is too late.
I have found myself shaking my head in disgust while praying for everyone to get their heads out of their asses and actually look up to see what is truly going on around you.
Imagine a world where instead of panicking, we turned to prayer. Imagine if we concentrated our time on spending it with our families instead of scrolling the news feed every 5 minutes. What would it be like if we held ourselves accountable for our own actions as an individual person vs. blaming everyone else for our failures? Envision families spending quality time with each other instead of looking for reasons to get out of the house to avoid accountability or do do things they should not be doing. Picture what our nation would look like if we rallied together for celebration and helping vs violence and destruction. Visualize what life would be like if we looked at individual people as actual people without looking at their color or lumping them together with others. This COULD happen, you know. It is totally up to you. It has to start with one person at a time.
We have created this society where we are led to believe that everyone is a “winner” instead of having to actually EARN something…in reality though, this method has proven to be the opposite. We ALL lose. Instead of taking individual responsibility for our actions and thoughts, we listen to that voice inside of us that says, “Nah….that is too much work.” We take our participation trophies and settle for the “friends” who assure us that we aren’t wrong, overweight, lazy, wrong, or an ass. We believe that it’s everyone else that has the problem and not us. It is THEIR fault that you are an angry and bitter person riddled with disdain for those around you.
Well guess what? We ALL have problems and the voice that you SHOULD be listening to is the voice inside of us that tells us that it is time for a change. You KNOW if you are wrong, fat, an ass and lazy and it is up to you to stop “participating” in your life and going through the easy motions. Take accountability for your own actions and feelings because that is the only way things are going to change.
My prayer for the agitated, depressed, angry, hurting and anxiety-ridden world is this:
That you give God your hurt, your weakness and your sorrow
And that you realize that we are ALL children of God, regardless of color and background
That the Holy Spirit helps you see past your circumstances and fills your hearts with hope
That we are protected from Satan’s lies and discouragement 
God will heal every broken place within you and showers His grace upon you
That you ask for forgiveness of your sins and start your life anew
That you give us the wisdom to seek God first each day, before anything else
That you forgive, let go and realize that the only way to move forward in our lives is to move forward with You, in peace and freedom
That you pray for those who have hurt you
That you pray for God’s strength and understanding and for Him to walk closely beside you each and every day
That God teaches you what he wants you to learn during these difficult times
That you realize that God will use this time of suffering for some good in some way and that everything is possible with Him.
That you take this journey that you are on and realize that change happens from the inside-out and it begins with us taking responsibility and accountability first
That you be a light in the world.
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