My Penny Shaker

I have a tin can filled with pennies that I have been using to train the new puppy. When she is a pill or doing something that she is not supposed to do, I fervently shake my penny can and the behavior is immediately stopped.
It is super effective.
It is just a tin can from some tea I had purchased at Teavana years ago now taped tightly at the top.
 I learned my lesson from my first messy shake where pennies literally were strewn all throughout the living room. You gotta tape the top, Jen. Duh.
Yesterday morning, I had one of those moments where I thought something, and I made myself laugh…literally all throughout the day because I kept on picturing it in my mind. It still makes me laugh right now.
What if…just what if I could bring my penny shaker into my real life??
What if, whenever someone did something that I didn’t like or agree with, I could shake my pennies to change their behavior or choices!!
Oh, you cut me off in traffic??

You decided to go with another lender?

Why you!! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!! They would probably get extra shakes for that one!
I don’t like your attitude!


Now THAT would be fun to do one day. I just might do it to see what people do when I whip it out and give it a few shakes!
Don’t make use my penny shaker.

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. Be sure to check out my Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher —- Jen’s 10 G’s

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