Under Construction

Under construction. Yeah, that is what we will call it. We are all under construction until the day we die, right?
The question is: Who is your carpenter? 
Who are you going to hire to build your temple?
The first guy, boy he is cheap. He tells you so many times and also stresses how easy it will be to work with him. Minimal effort. You can do whatever you want to. Things will move along just fine. He doesn’t have any plans, he’s just going to wing it. He’s been doing this for a while, so he knows that he’s doing. He is so anxious to be hired. “Why is he so cheap?” you wonder.
He makes all of these promises to you about this beautiful temple that he will build for you in the sand…right on the beach.
Oh my, now THAT sound wonderful!! “You just wait and see!” he says.
After you have hired this one, you quickly realize that he shows up late every day and is unreliable. His work is garbage and you have to have him redo pretty much everything he touches over and over again and it is never “just right.” Instead of 2×4’s he uses particleboard! Your temple is in desparate need of repair. It is crap and you know it. You wonder if it is too late. The temple that you’ve built on the sand just washes away when the water comes. 
You took the “easy way” and now you are paying for your monumental mistake. Big time.
Fire that dude!! He is no good. You don’t want the cheapest carpenter, you want the best my dear friends. This guy costs you so much more than just your time and aggravation. There are eternal consequences as well. 
So you call the One that you didn’t originally hire. He sounded too good to be true. You incorrectly thought that there was a catch to what he was saying. He called himself the Great Architect, but you didn’t believe Him. Now, you regret it.
He told you about how very important it was to build your temple on solid ground. He said that He would always show up on time because He will always be on the job site to begin with. Every time you call on Him, He will be there waiting for you.
You thought that working with Him would be way more effort on your part – this surrendering, trusting and praying stuff – but is it really?

This contractor…He keeps His promises and answers when you call. 
Every single time.
He builds your temple with materials that never fade or collapse. They remain the same, day after day. Every single nail is placed carefully and willfully for YOU because He loves you. He sacrifices Himself every day to help you build your temple.
When the floods come, your building will stand strong because the Mighty Carpenter is within it.
You realize that He is actually much less expensive than the first dude – He’s free. All you had to do was call on Him and he would be there to help.
“It is too late!” you think. I already hired the other guy. “I can’t start over.”
Yeah, you can. 
You just have to ask. The Mighty Architect can tear down the junk that was built before Him and rebuild your temple. It doesn’t matter what has already happened and what has been done. It is never too late to start over. He can renew everything.
Today,  I want you to ask yourself, “Which carpenter do I want to hire?” 
After all, your temple will be under construction until the day you die. Who do you want working on it?

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. Be sure to check out my Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher —- Jen’s 10 G’s

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