What We can Learn From Men. A Lesson About a Pimple.

Yesterday, I noticed a small pimple on my shoulder. For reals, it was tiny.
I immediately put some medicine on it and covered it up with my shirt so that no one could see my “imperfection.” Perhaps even weirder was the fact that I was the only one home, so no one else was going to see it anyway. Just in case.
Every single time I got up and walked past ANY mirror,  I checked out my blemish. I focused on it. I even said out loud, “I can’t believe I have a stupid zit on my shoulder.” Several times! I literally obsessed about this stupid little thing that I found wrong with me. An imperfection.
Am I really that vein? What the heck’s wrong with me and why am I obsessing over this ridiculously small spot?
‘Cause that’s what a lot of women do. Oh, I know I am not alone here…don’t even TRY and deny it! We focus on our “defects” and we let them control what we do and how we act…WAY all-to-often. Instead of focusing on the good and beautiful parts of ourselves, we brood over the things that are wrong with us. Rather than loving ourselves just as we are, we nitpick and find the things that we detest and then try and hide them so that no one else will see the REAL us. Yikes! 
Then you have my fiancé who could have the most giant zit on his back – I mean, one the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro – and it would not stop him from whipping off his shirt in front of everyone to go swimming (in front of other people too!! The mayhem!). He doesn’t care. He would not ever let an imperfection like that stop him from living his life, let alone control what he does. 
I am not gonna lie, there have been times when I have not gone somewhere because of a zit on my face or something else I was unhappy with about myself. I felt fat…bloated…didn’t like my hair that day…blah blah blah. I am not proud of these actions and they seem even more ridiculous now that I am typing them out (cause they are!). What a waste. I missed out.
And this, my lady friends, is a lesson we need to learn from men. We need to stop obsessing over our “imperfections.”
We are beautiful. Most likely (especially if it is someone who loves you), no one will even notice the “shortcomings” that we think we have because they love you for YOU. We need to love ourselves in that same way.
No one is perfect. It is part of being human.
Love your scars. Love your pimples. Embrace the parts of you – inside and out – that you’re not so happy with. Love our imperfect selves. It is all good. The world will go on and no one will give a crap about your so-called blemish.
When Michael got home yesterday, I didn’t have any make-up on and my hair had naturally dried. I wasn’t the “best version of myself” in my mind. One of the first things he said to me was how naturally beautiful he thought that I was. 
He didn’t notice my pimple.
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