Everything or Nothing

Which would you rather have:
A miracle or the ordinary?
Unfailing love or conditional love?
Supernatural or normal?
Freedom or slavery?
Forgiveness or punishment?
Hope or despair?
Truth or lies?
Grace or judgment?
Unchanging and absolute promises or relative truth?
Victory or defeat?
Strength when weary or frailty?
Plans to prosper or failure?
The knowledge that you are never alone or isolation?
Rest or restlessness?
Abundant blessings or affliction?
Light or darkness?
Eternal life or damnation?
Wisdom or foolishness?
Pure joy or despair?
Power and privilege of prayer or cursing and doubt?
Everything or nothing?
Polar opposite words that represent two very different worlds in which we can live in. I have lived in both. Lots of people have.
I like the “everything” world better. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. When you have a relationship with God and when you choose the everything life, something amazing happens. You get a very special and supernatural strength that continues to grow within you. Your life changes from the inside-out. It is gradual at first, but one day you will wake up and find that the “old you” is gone…replaced with a much better, more shiny version of yourself. You will see it. Others will too. When you realize the power that you have with God in your life, extraordinary things happen. 
Apart from God, you can do nothing. Sure you can live your life as a pretty decent person. Then what? What is the purpose? The point? What are you living FOR actually? 
Without God, I can do nothing. With God, I can do everything. It really is that simple.
Which life do you choose?

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