Have No Fear

I was sitting and talking to Michael a few days ago and an interesting question popped into his head. He asked me, “What do you think our lives would be like if we had no fear of bad news?”
I sat and thought about that, and overwhelmingly, my answer was, “Life would be amazing!!!” And then I sat there and imagined how the world would be if no one had fear of bad news.
There is so much clammer and clatter going on around us. It is hard to hear our own selves think, let alone God’s whispers into our ears.
Just when you think the bad news could not possibly get worse, it does.
Fear is a form of distrust and it is the opposite of what He wants us to do. Man, is it hard though to put into practice with news of doom and gloom blaring out before us.
Imagine if we truly did live in the present moment. If we concentrated fully on the moment we were in right now, would we worry about things? No. We’d be enjoying our time, not thinking about the past or the future. We would trust that everything is going to be alright because, well, we believe God’s promises. He tells us over and over that He will help us find our ways, if we just listen and have faith. He will bring out His goodness from any adversity or pain. 
We have to stop thinking we are running the show. ‘Cause we aren’t. We cannot control our past or supremely determine our future. We surely can’t control what others do. We can have every plan in the world of how we want to live, but in reality, we cannot command things to go the way we want them to. When we get out of that mindset and just trust and not be afraid, peace will come. Presence will come. HIS presence will come. Thy will be done.

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. Be sure to check out my Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher —- Jen’s 10 G’s

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