Gratitude Fixes Your Attitude

We are supposed to be thankful in all circumstances. Not some.
Admittedly, sometimes that is really hard to do. I get it. It is super easy to be grateful and to find things to be thankful for when everything is going just as we like it…but when life feels like you are living in a shit show, the task proves itself to be much more daunting.
The truth is though, it is during those “not-so-great” moments where it is the most important to look for things to be appreciate of and grateful for. It puts things in perspective. When you are constantly looking for the good, you will find that there is indeed a LOT of it. Your focus will change and you will realize that gratitude fixes your attitude.
You will become aware that the things in your life that appear to be bad are just temporary. They will pass. Focusing on the negative only makes you worry. When you worry, you aren’t trusting that God will bring good out of any bad situation. You are acting like you are running the show versus our Mighty Father who knows infinitely more than we do. 
When you brood over negativity, more negativity comes to the surface. Soon, your tiny snowball becomes the cause of a giant avalanche of darkness into your life.
The opposite is also true. When you occupy your thoughts with constantly looking for things in your life to be thankful for, your light shines so bright! You will see the Holy Spirit transform your attitude despite the circumstances that you are going through. 
Other people will notice it too. When you are a negative person, you suck the life out of everyone you meet. You drain their energy and people generally won’t want to be around you. Heck, you probably don’t want to be around you! But when you are genuinely filled with the spirit of gratitude, EVERYTHING changes. You not only become a model of how we are supposed to be, you help show others what a life of thanksgiving brings.
Calm and stillness.
You know that everything is going to be alright. God has got this. Be grateful for your many blessings. When you sit and think about them, you soon realize that there are multitudes of them. Just open your eyes and see.

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope that I made you smile and think a little bit. Be sure to check out my Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher —- Jen’s 10 G’s

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