My Morning

I like the moments just before sunrise. The stillness and the silence…how the daylight just starts to creep into the morning leaving everything in front of it a black silhouette of objects to be seen. It is peaceful and calming.
Soon, I can hear the birds begin to chirp and the doggies stir from their slumber and doggie dreams. They are mopey and goofy for a few stretches until they wake up enough and come over to the bed for some pets. Before long, they are nudging one of us to go and get them some food. They have us trained so well. Must be nice to be a dog. I am pretty sure they know that they are deliberately manipulating us to do their will. Smart dogs.
It is in these twinklings in time when I feel the best. Like I am the most present in my thoughts and feelings. I just sit here sometimes with my coffee and think and smile. It is like I totally get it – all of it – if that makes sense. I even catch myself nodding in my own self-approval and realization. It makes me smile and giggle for a second.
My God, I am so blessed. Despite all that is going on around me and with me, life is really very good. Amazing actually. 
Thank you, Lord, for this adventure that I live. Thank you for the most wonderful husband you sent for me when you knew it was the right time…when I was truly ready to appreciate him. Thank you for my family – both the one that I was born into and the one that I have inherited through my Michael. How perfectly imperfect we all are and still we love each other unconditionally. Thank you for the sunrise this morning and for the birds that I can hear outside of my window. I am so grateful for those that surround me and support me and pray for me. I am happy to be alive and to have been born with a strong will that doesn’t give up and accept circumstances that suck. With much thanksgiving, I give my life, my worries and my fears to you willfully and you take them without question. 
I trust you, God. I trust that your will be done and I will accept it – happily. Lead me on the path that you want me to be on and show me how You want me to be. I will follow. Bring it! I am ready.

This has nothing to do with my post! I just love this picture! Taken 2 years ago today on the Amalfi Coast while hiking. I WILL be able to hike like I used to. I just know it. This time though, I will have a partner to join me. 


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