Get Out of Your Own Way!

There are certain habits that all of us have that steal precious moments from our lives.
I am talking about those whispers we hear in our head that tell us, “Please, stop,” when we binge eat those chips, light up a cigar or pour that second or third glass of wine. We don’t listen to them now, but we certainly should.
God’s trying to tell us something.
Instead, we listen to our habits because they tell us what to do. It is what we have always done. Why change it? We constantly self-justify our behavior because it has become our norm.
The question I want you to ask yourself is this: Are your habits getting in the way of living a better life?
What good would happen if you replaced an unhealthy habit with a smarter choice? Would you be spending more time with your family? Would it make you healthier? Would you feel better? 
I am sure that the answer is an astounding, “YES!!”
We just have to get out of our own way.
The great thing about a habit is that it can be replaced with a smarter, wiser one. It is up to you.
You just have to choose which voice to listen to.
This picture and this moment would not have been possible if we had not let go of our “old habits.”

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