Men are Not Idiots – No Matter What the TV Says

I recently watched actual TV (like with commercials and everything!!) while I was on vacation. Within minutes, I was quickly reminded of something that absolutely drives me crazy…as it should you, too. TV commercials and shows portray men as a bunch of wussies. Stupid men. Weak men. Men who would not be able to survive without a woman who is way way smarter than he is.
What is up with that? Why aren’t more people speaking up about this?
Do you not think that it is subliminally brainwashing those who watch? It is teaching young minds that men are too dumb to do anything. They are providing a platform for a systematic breakdown of self-worth in boys. Showing them false assumptions. You don’t think that this will mess up minds? Gender roles? It does.
So why are “they” doing it? I racked my brain on this one and I don’t get it. Is it the feminist or girl power movement? Total over PC-compensation (like, they are sooo anti-traditional that they have gone the complete opposite just to prove a point)? 
My advice is this: When you are with your kids (especially) and a “dumb guy” show or commercial comes on, you have got to say something. Defend men. Assure them that men are not stupid. Tell them that what they are seeing on television is not true. Give them opposite examples of what they are seeing. Be a good example yourself.
And maybe turn off the TV.

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