What Are Ya Made Of?

You are born into this world with spirit beaming. Endless possibilities. Your mind is pure and your heart inherently thirsts for love. You have no idea about the life you are about to lead or the future that lies before you. Clean slate. 
You have the ability to do great things. Some take this path, some go a different way. The capability is there though, although many lose consciousness of that promise as time goes by.
In the beginning, you don’t know hate, shame, depression, sorrow, anger or hurt. You aren’t jaded or cynical. You do know joy and love. You are born with that too. It is God’s gift to all of us right from the start. You arrived on this earth with an untainted, pure 24 carat gold soul. As you go though life though, you pile on layers and layers of dirt and crust so that one day, your beaming spirit is dimmed. You no longer glow like you once did…and could.
Others tell you who you should be. How to act and how to think. What to say. What to do. Conform. Don’t stand out. Do this. Do that. You listen and absorb. It all adds up…if you let it. 
You forget your self worth. You cease to remember that underneath the dirt, there is a genuine and highly prized divine self that is predisposed for greatness. You got polluted and disillusioned. You abandon your authentic self because you don’t remember what you are made of.
You have a life event that shakes you to the core. Shakes the crusty dirt right off of you so that a glimpse of the gold peeks out and shines so bright that it is impossible to ignore.
It has been right here with you all of the time. How could you forget?
Once you see that bright beaming self beneath the dirt, nothing is ever the same
You will spend the rest of your life chipping away at the gunk and the sludge until the “you” you were meant to be is revealed once again. You cannot ignore it.
You’ve figured it out. How could you have possibly forgotten how special you are? You are forever grateful for the hard time you went through to reveal it. There was a purpose.
Your most turbulent times and difficult struggles reveal what you are really made of. It doesn’t matter what others think or what they say; you know that you are extraordinary and exquisite. 
Through your adversity, you are able to shed your layers to reveal what God has had waiting for you the whole time. Highly favored and blessed beyond all measure.

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